Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lots of phone calls and a nice evening
With Easter being over I hoped I could make a bunch of phone calls to our bank and authorities. Let me put it this way, it still wasn’t an easy task to get the right people on the phone. When I finally was through with them I felt drained.
DSC_0033-mi DSC_0039-mi
DSC_0039mod-mi Our lonely Crocus has gotten company

A couple from Florida has recently moved to the Island and bought up a local Motel. I wanted to meet them and drove over in the afternoon. They were laid off from their jobs, but are near retirement age. Have come to Campobello for several years during the summer and fell in love with it. We quickly covered common ground and started to talk about tourists. They told me this story:
They had met a lady in Lubec,ME who had recently  been visiting Campobello and thereby discovered that she had to cross an International border. She had said how she loved the place, but that she was astounded to learn that Canada was so small. (yep, Campobello is less than 10 miles long….ouch)

The Roosevelt Campobello International Bridge


View from Campobello back to Lubec


We had a nice and mostly sunny day today, but clouds were showing up in the West when we decided to take a ride across the bridge to see whether we could get a couple of nice photo shots from across. You may be the judge of what we got.

At the Harbor in Lubec. Maine

DSC_0066-miJPG DSC_0068-mi
DSC_0072-mi DSC_0085-mi
Signs on a former restaurant and a sign from U.S-Customs

  Sunset over Passamaquoddy Bay
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  1. What a beautiful sunset picture - very very nice.

  2. I must say you took some really great pics!!!

  3. Your little island is beautiful. If we weren't so far away, I'd want to visit. It's funny that someone thought Canada was so small.

  4. You sure found your piece of paradise for the spring and summer months. Enjoyed the pictures beautiful.

  5. Great pics, especially the sunset. We get some strange comments about Vancouver Island from visitors as well. My favourite is "I don't want to take the ferry back, where's the bridge?"


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