Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Map to explain…


It is not too astounding that a few people are getting confused about the location of Campobello Island, as I have mentioned going through customs here and there. So, by use of this map you will see that Campobello is almost an enclave in the U.S. But it is Canadian territory. Now, if we want to go to mainland Canada we need to travel over Hwy1 through Maine. That is about a 90 minutes drive. So don’t be too surprised if I tell you that we don’t go that way too often. Nope, we’ll keep it to a minimum. Matter of fact we keep all travel within Canada to a minimum. The reason are the outrageous fuel prices this Country, and especially the Province of New Brunswick is operating under.



We have some shitty weather today, a fierce northern wind is blowing and as of now I am not clear about whether I will be working outside, removing brambles or hunker down in my recliner and see the clouds passing by.

There might be coming an update at the end of the day, so you can check back later. :-))


  1. Back on a March Break some time in possibly 89 or 90, one of my then brothers-in-law and I took a quick trip to the Maritimes from Ontario. We went through the States and then up through St. Stephen, met up with my brother and his wife who had come over on the ferry from Digby and then proceeded to head up to first Ludlow, N.B., and then down to Campobello Island.
    For the life of me I can't remember the name of the people we visited there, but I remember getting a little tour of all the 'million dollar' fishing boats tied up a little farther out on the island. So we might have driven right by your house! Depending on whether you live on the main drag of course.
    It was a quite a while ago.
    The whole border arrangement in that area is a little nuts. Not sure who made those decisions, but we have a few areas along the border where folks have found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time after 9/11.
    I also have (or maybe had) relatives on Grand Manan. Another island out there where one wonders whom it should belong to.

  2. Geography 101 ...thanks for the map!!! was greatly appreciated..but I suppose I could have just 'googled it' I am at the head of the class!..have a great day, hope the weather is not too bad!

  3. I think hunkering down sounds like a good idea on a cold blustery day.

  4. I agree with Jim and Sandie. Hunkering down might be a good thing!

    I tried to respond to the comment you left on my blog ( about the header but don't have your email. The header is a flash video that I put into a second header. If you are interested in doing it, let me know and I'll send you details on what I did.

    Just Wanderin'

  5. Hunker down my friends till the nice weather begins.


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