Monday, April 9, 2012

It’s a Difference
When I tried to make a few calls today to our beloved authorities I was rebuffed by answering services and message machines. What’s going on…? After ten years in Canada I thought that I had learned that Easter and Christmas was on one day only. Easter always on a Sunday and Christmas on the December 25.

I had almost forgotten that both Christian Holidays are celebrated over two days in Europe. Oh yes, there is Easter Monday and there is the 2. Christmas Day on December 26. Commerce in Europe is closed on those days. Even the stock markets keep closed, while it is business as usual in North America. However, public offices seem to clam up on those days. They plug in their answering machines and that’s it. Call again tomorrow or let us sleep for the rest of the week.

Needless to say I was put in a spot today.

So I had to get rid of my frustration and what would be better than some physical work. Started on the raspberry patch again, cut down old dry wood, raked and even started to dig up those raspberry roots. Of course, the latter occupation is better suited as capital punishment. Let them bad boys do it. They deserve it. It’s NECK-BREAKING work. So finally I had had enough and took a break. Called some old friends, had a chat and felt good about it.

Next thing I was walking across the lot and saw Bea on a workout along the forest. She raked branches, leaves and had piled it all up along the boundary to the neighbor. Wow, I was impressed. That gal sure can do more than cook a good supper.
See the difference in Bea’s clean-up?

So I felt compelled to do some other work. So I grabbed the heat gun and went about that old red house paint – until my left arm threatened to fall off. That was the end of MY workout.
The day was mostly cloudy, but not too unpleasant to be outside. Of course the Easter Sunday Snow is gone and thanks for that.
Our lonely crocus has gotten some company by a white brother and there might be coming a few more purple ones over the next coupla days.

A neighbor came over and had a chat with Bea. Our neighbors are avid gardeners and do know a thing or two about the topic. So keeping up with them we might even learn a coupla tricks.

When we walked Molly in the afternoon she ate a mouse. Simply jumped up in the air and landed with her snout in some hole. Chew, chew, chew and the mouse was gone. Yuk! I think Molly is a better mouse hunter than a cat. At least her technique is different.
Stock photo from 2009 in Charleston SC

We just have to watch that she is on the leash when we walk down rabbit-road. I call it rabbit-road because we always see rabbits there. They sit on neighbors lawn and look kind of dumbfounded until Molly starts her approach. If I don’t have her on the leash, she’s gone the next second. These days the rabbits are looking funny. They are half white and half brown. It’s their camouflage to be that way. In the winter,  when everything is white, they are white as well. However, when spring comes around they grow their usual grey fur again. It’s called adaptation.

I was determined to cook supper today. had an idea about using that pork meat we had in the fridge. It was already cooked, but I put it into the pan again and fried it up. Adding onions, mushrooms, banana, the gravy from yesterday, garlic, ketchup, mustard, fresh pepper and that red hot stuff Tabatico (it really is Tabasco) oh, lets not forget a dash of red wine. Yeah, I had that cooking. For vegetables I had green asparagus, broccoli, and carrots. Warmed up the mashed potato stuff we had in the fridge and voila supper was served.

Wasn’t bad at all!

Have a great new week and thanks for clicking in on this site.


  1. It's nice to accomplish the tasks at hand, but at our ages we must be cautious not to overdo ourself's. Pace the work out as there is still time until your next adventure.

    It's about time.

  2. Jeeze, I'm exhausted just reading about doing all that work !! Nope, Don't want any part of yard work anymore.

  3. You two are really trying to build up those muscles with all the work you are doing.

  4. good for Molly for catching the mouse!..maybe she was a kitty in her other life?

  5. We used to say Duchess wouldn't chase cats. That was until two years ago. I think at that time is when she first discovered them. We keep a leash on her when cats are around or she'd be off like Molly. I don't think I'd trust her with rabbits either. Sounds like you're becoming a good cook. If you do it too often, Bea might just let you. Take care.

  6. I was surprised that the bank was open (in Canada) when I went to contact them yesterday. It's Good Friday that they're closed, whereas Good Friday is just another day here. Hard to keep track of.

  7. Sounds like you had a great day and delicious dinner.


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