Saturday, April 28, 2012

We woke up to more storm

 We are sure getting a taste of what it means to live at the coast. Western winds were blowing all day and before the sun peeked out it was so cold that I had to put on Long Johns, a sweater and the thick winter jacket, and yet it felt like I was outside in shorts and T-shirt.
But after lunch I had had enough of sitting around in the recliner. Bea reminded me that if I wanted to have another bread from Martha’s Bakery (Sunporch Industries)   I should go over to Lubec. (The link will get you to my earlier posting about Martha and her bakery) So I did that right after lunch. The American CBP-officer asked me whether I had been away for a while and that he hadn’t seen me all winter. I confirmed that and he wished me a Good Day. That’s how border crossings between two neighbours ought to be. 

After frequenting my recliner for two days I felt so restless that I finally put on my working clothes and started garden work. There are still lots of rocks and roots to remove from our raspberry clearing so I had a real work-out. I kept going until I felt exhausted. And anyway, it was almost coffee time. Yesterday Bea had made apple crisp and there was a nice chunk of that left over. In anticipation of that I also got some whipping cream from the store.
With the apple crisp warmed in the stove, “decorated” with some whipped up cream and a nice cup of coffee life was good.
It sure provided enough energy for a nice walk through the Provincial Park. Molly was all fired up for it too. The wind was still blowing from the west, but now the sun was out and a deep blue sky tempted for a walk-about. The Herring Cove Prov. Park is on the east side of the island and offers nice protection from the strong westerly wind.
Consequently, it felt a lot warmer there. A beautiful path meanders from the RV-Park through the forest, providing access to the beach.

There was still a nice swell running in from the ocean, but the wind was blowing off-shore and we could sit down in the warm sand listening to the everlasting play of the waves. While we were quietly enjoying the scenery Molly was behind us in the grass, looking for something she could eat.
We were sitting there for quite a while, but of  course, since Molly hadn’t found anything edible, she got bored. I can tell when she thinks it’s time to move on.

So we did. Walked the same nice path back.
It sure turned out to be a nice afternoon.

molly002 DSC_0180-mi 

From a neighbour we got a book about how a farmer can make tools and farm gadgets himself. The book itself is from 1996, but it has some funny things in it which would have made it a treasure some 60-70 years earlier. Just look at the pictures and you’ll understand. It hit me that the advice given herein would be still very valuable if electric power should disappear for ever.

DSC_0029 DSC_0028

Thanks for spending some time here!


  1. It's nice that sun came out and you had nice place to walk to. Looks life is goof there on the island.

  2. Sure is tough isn't it to deal with this cold weather after we've spent the WINTER in Arizona. Hope it warms up soon for you.

  3. Loved the waterfront bench and shoreline. That's where I'd certainly be. Bea's apple crisp sure sounded good. Too bad leftovers can't be sent via the internet.

  4. Molly is adorable! the bench photo!..Tucker would be swimming or looking for something dead to roll in!

  5. I hear ya with the cool weather. We're experiencing the same thing out here on the west coast. A nice day followed by 2 or 3 bad ones seems to be the pattern right now.


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