Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moving alongIf you have ever clicked on the “Come and see us on Campobello” link above you have probably arrived on a different blog I have put up. It’s the blog which is advertising for our new business on Campobello.
Having worked with tourists over in Norway, I took a liking to the industry and found out that there might be a market for showing this island to visitors.
I contacted the Roosevelt Park and met an open door.
But in order to get this vehicle on the way I had to work with a lot of Red Tape. It just happens so that nobody can start up a business without having a “Public Motor Bus License”. In New Brunswick these permits are issued by the NB Energy and Utilities Board.  In order to get that permit one has to get a safety rating for the enterprise. Another application. Needless to say, that’s all very much time-consuming. The board has only one meeting every month and it takes its time until a decision is finally made. So, in order to get started this summer one has to ‘get up early in the morning’ otherwise there ‘won’t be a supper’ in the evening.
These guys are keeping watch at Kingsbrae Gardens in St.Andrews,NB
Phone calls, letters, calculations, advertising, meetings, more phone calls and looking for the right vehicle are just some of the challenges. Starting a business these days is not for everybody, but we are moving along.
DSC_0048 Storm waters at Herring Cove

We are also moving along in our battle against raspberry roots and rocks in the ground. Yup, did another clean-up on our property and it doesn’t look so bad.
As we get an overview over the spot, our imagination runs wild. This would be a nice spot to have that BBQ-place, a fireplace with rocks around, maybe with a few nice benches, a table, huh - maybe another deck or what about a gazebo like we had in Alberta. Wouldn’t it be lovely? But then in the middle of all fantasizing I realize that I might not get to be a 100 years old. But that’s the kind of guy I am. Can only sit put for a certain time until I run off with a new idea about a new project. Ask Bea! She sure knows that. But like I said: We are moving along.
DSC_0078   DSC_0085
Bob from the ‘Caretaker Chronicles’ had me wondering a whole lot. Wasn’t he reporting a 26C temp in Fredericton, NB?  Yep, and I found that hard to believe. But Bea checked the previous temps for last Tuesday and it showed to be true.
Not that I thought Bob was kidding, but it sure sounded a bit ‘off the beaten path”, especially as we out here were FAR removed from those summer temps. But Fredericton is off the coast and inland and has more of a ‘continental type of climate’.

Speaking of climate and   such:
It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring Time!
Even though I’d rather be plumping down in my recliner I walked Molly around after today’s activities. Doing that, I’m walking along a few of our neighbour’s lots. And I see blooming forsythias, spring flowers everywhere and budding fruit trees. It seems that what we saw three weeks ago in Pennsylvania is finally taking a hold out here. And that’s all for today, folks!

IreneII 051
Keep your eyes on the road!

Thanks for checking it out!


  1. Love the creativity using those flower pots.

  2. Starting a business is difficult. I used to put tour groups together but I worked with wholesalers and they were mainly for industry folks. Good luck with all the details.

    It's nice to be busy. We always have projects of one kind or another too.

  3. Love those flower pot guys. Good luck with your new business.

  4. Nice that your weather is warming up. soon be summer. Good luck with starting your business.

  5. good luck with your new venture!!! always red tape with our government isn't there...seems to be never ending at start up but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

  6. The best of luck in your new endeavor!

  7. I remember the day that you took the pounding surf photo at Liberty Point. Hurricane Irene sure put on a show for us, didn't she?


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