Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cold but Beautiful!

There is only one way to describe this day. We had bright sunshine out of the usual blue sky, but the fresh northerly wind was causing white caps on the Passamaquoddy Bay. It was a wind which had no respect for our warmest jackets. It was just like we’d had nothing on, well - maybe not “nothing” but very little. When I had to drive to the health center to get a few forms I had hustled across the lawn to get into the protection of the car. Campobello has those days in the winter. late fall and early spring. Officially it is spring, but only officially. When visiting Willi and Rogette the other day all we saw of their at other times so beautiful garden was a scared bunch of crocus which I am sure had already regretted to stick their beautiful heads out.

Speaking of Willi: he came by today and brought us something he thought we should read. I ushered him into a chair and offered coffee, which he accepted. Being comfortably seated he mentioned that the snowplow had clipped his mailbox and he most likely had to buy a new one. I looked at Bea and Bea looked at me. We smiled and Bea went upstairs where she retrieved a shiny new U.S. mailbox, which I once had purchased in Norway, then brought over to Canada. Willi was speechless when we gave him the mailbox and said it would be his birthday present. Looking over the mailbox he discovered what I had never seen: A price sticker from some Home Hardware Store in Ontario, Canada. Apparently the Norwegian import company had purchased them from Canada. And now it was back in Canada.

A clear proof of the strong winds going across the island is the fact that we have no leaves on the lawn, despite those big maple trees. They have all blown away – over to the neighbor and from there supposedly to the next neighbor. Where are they ending up? Maybe at sea? Or, what I suppose, someone has his house wall in the leaves way and they are accumulating there  against the wall. If they rot away they make good compost.

While we have a frosty spring, other places like Norway, still enjoy the pleasures of icy roads and tons of snow, coming just in time for those eager skiers, who populate just about every mountaintop in the country at Easter.


In the above video the fun part is not so big, but it is a consolation that nobody died, even though the truck driver went with the truck down the escarpment.

The driver of the tow truck jumped out just in time.

While Norway gets a delayed winter, another much bigger tragedy has been happening in Dallas Ft.Worth where several tornadoes have caused mayhem especially in the lot of a major trucking firm and the adjacent highway.


So after all, I am glad that we have better road conditions and a much quieter type of weather over here.

You have a great day or evening or whatever time you have right now.



And thanks for being here! 



  1. About that tow truck and the big truck that went over the cliff?..OH MY WORD!!! Thank God is right that no one died. Is that beautiful lighthouse looking house your home?

  2. my goodness..quite the collection of videos!!..love Mailbox story!!

  3. Looks like I got out of Texas just in time !!

    I do really dread going back to those Northerly winds. We have them in July !!

  4. So fun that you had the mailbox for your friend. I've been watching both those videos on the news and they are incredible. Hope everybody stays safe and for you guys I wish for more warmth along with that sunshine.

  5. Those videos were unreal! I sure wouldn't want to be anywhere near either of them.

  6. Amazing! The mailbox really is funny but you never know where the product does come from no matter where you buy it. We certainly understand about those winds but it's not so bad if you're having to drive in them!!


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