Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Busy Day in Town

The reason we were hurrying home from the sunny South was Bea’s medical appointment on April 16. However, yesterday the hospital called offering an appointment for today and of course, we accepted. Always good to be done with something. And the timing was excellent, because we needed to get to Service New Brunswick for a change-over of our Alberta drivers licenses and register for New Brunswick Health Care.

So in order to get everything done we were heading off the island early. At the border we had another wonderful hello-experience with one of these nice CBP-officers. We are very fortunate to have these nice guys at the border.

Getting back into Canada at St.Stephen was a bit more tedious as there was a line-up across the St. Croix River bridge because the Canadians had only one open lane across the border.

We spent about 45 minutes with Service New Brunswick and the lady was busier than busy typing up all the documents. At long last our pictures were taken and a miracle machine were producing spanking new drivers licenses. Then we had to pay $160.00 bucks for the two licenses, which I really think is a steep price for two tiny pieces of plastic. But I guess the NB-government is so poor that they need our money to uphold their wonderful administration. So that makes it go to a good cause, doesn’t it?  :-((

With all that paper work done our Alberta residency has finally come to an end. Quite officially we are now New Brunswickers. Even though I have been prepared for that, it gave me a funny feeling. And I can’t even tell you why, because I don’t know it myself.

Bea’s appointment was at 12:30pm. While she was inside, I walked the streets with Molly, who is always with us on a tour like today. It was a cold blistery day, but that didn’t affect Molly in any negative way.  While she was sniffing up the odours of the town I noticed that most people smiled to us when they saw us walking along. It seems like Molly has an ability to make people happy. They even waved at us from their cars.

After the hospital appointment we were a bit hungry and went for the next Tim Horton’s Cafe. As always, the place was packed. A line-up of cars was wrapped around the entire building. It is a pure miracle to me that a company can have such success. It is said that you can’t fail to make a fortune if you start up a Tim Horton’s.

On our way back through Maine we stopped for groceries in Calais, ME where we bought a nice fillet of Pollock. (=fish), which I later fried up for supper.  I do not post any pictures of my session in the kitchen, but Bea says she has them on her blog.

DSC_0012-mi“BJ” was wondering whether “that beautiful lighthouse” is our home. No, BJ, our home it is not, but it is sitting on a rocky island on the North end of Campobello. The Canadian Coast Guard gave it to the islanders, when it was totally run-down. A group of handy enthusiasts, most of them retirees, have since renovated the place to it’s old glory. They still do all maintenance and invite tourists to come over and tour the place. It can be reached at low-tide only. Recently the NB-Government has chosen it as a symbol for New Brunswick Tourism. The “East Quoddy Lighthouse” has become quite an attraction.


So, when are YOU coming over to visit Campobello Island?



  1. We always seem to get in a hurry when we start heading north after the winter. One of these days we may learn to slow down but maybe not. Your island is beautiful. I can see why you like to stay there.

  2. the island is beautiful..but I am a bit confused..are you Canadian or American?..New Brunswick, Maine??..maybe I need to read some older posts!!

  3. Looks like you had another wonderful day and now officailly New Brunswick residents, enjoy your summer there.

  4. Campobello Island is high on my list but it may not be for a couple of years.


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