Monday, April 30, 2012

Best Birthday Ever… she said

And I tend to think the same. Everything worked out, the cake, the little gathering we had and Bea was sure overwhelmed by all the Congrats she received from blog-land. The day was adjourned with a nice meal down-town Lubec.

Well then, it was after dark, another late guest arrived. He was neither invited nor expected. He came when we were both in the sitting room. At first he threw his shadow around. Actually that’s how we noticed him. When looking up we saw he was doing circles in the room. He went along the walls, but avoided any collision with a piece of furniture and he didn’t make a single noise. His GPS is based on ultrasound. Yes – it was a little bat!  We haven’t got the faintest idea how he came into the house. No window was open or any door. Did he cower behind the  cupboard or bookcase?
Little brown batHow to get this guy out into nature again? It was dark outside and when we opened the window  he was passing it without sensing the way out. We shut of the lights in the room. He was still circling but slowly loosing altitude. Then I got the “bright” idea to put a light outside on the porch. Yep, I used the solar light we bought in Quartzsite. When i got inside again our guest had found back to his freedom again. We could close the window and crank up the furnace a tad cause it was blustering cold outside.
When a new day dawned I felt tired like after a night with little sleep. I may have been dreaming a lot, that kinda wears me down and when morning comes I’m hesitant to get up. But it is my “job” to let Molly out and you can bet the ranch on it that she wants that every morning. I dared to look at the outside thermometer and what I saw made me shiver even more. It showed –2C. Now, that means
F R O S T. Molly came back from her morning business pretty quick and I let her go back up the stairs to cuddle back on her soft doggy-bed.

So you get the picture: What shoulda’ been a spring day was like a day in early march. It was the “Winter-Jacket-and-Long-Johns-Blues” again.

We had a extended chat with a long time friend from Norway. They consider to come to Canada this summer. Wouldn’t that be nice?
Later another SKYPE-chat ran up with a cousin of mine, currently visiting in Germany, but going back to Norway tomorrow. What a blessing it is that we have a thing like SKYPE these days. It sure makes it a lot easier (and cheaper) to keep in contact with the folks “over there”.

It was first during the late afternoon that the cold Northerner died down, and it was getting warmer. We did a nice walk through the neighbourhood, went down to the beach. What we found there you will read about tomorrow, I think.

Thanks for visiting with us!


  1. A BAT !! Well I wouldn't have simply moved out and put a FOR SALE sign on 'da house. I would have freaked out for sure.

    Did you read about the SNOW that St. John's, Newfoundland got today !! UGH

    SKYPE is definitely the best thing ever. I use it for all my calling - both local and long distance. Sure saves big time on the cell phone minutes.

  2. Glad Bea had a nice birthday. Duchess doesn't want to be outside long either if it's too cold or raining but she definitely wants out in the morning. It would be great if your friend from Norway would visit. My uncle was from Norway. One Christmas my cousin and celebrate by fixing family dishes. One of those dishes was lutefisk. I'm sure you've had that.

  3. So happy to hear Bea had a great day. Heavens -I can't handle a moth in the house. I can't even imagine a bat and what a mess I would be. Glad your "friend" went on his way. And I'm still trying to figure out how to send you some of the warmth we're having.

  4. I find that every birthday that I make it to, is a "good" one. And they keep getting better. Means I lived another year.
    Had one of those bat visits many years ago. Was able to gather it up on a towel and take him outdoors that way. It can be a little disconcerting having them in the same room.

  5. That's good that you were able show your unwanted friend the door and he took the hint . Like Bob said another birthday is always a good thing and thay do get better every year.


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