Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday
Two more days and we have Easter. Easter for us kids was the start of spring, green grass and colorful Easter Eggs. It also meant that we would take a walk in the park or in the forest. We would visit with Grandma and Grandpa  and we would have a nice all-family dinner. I have only the fondest memories about Easter. Later, when I lived in Norway, Easter meant a whole lot of people on skis and snow in the mountains, sometimes even down in the valley. Actually a friend emailed me yesterday telling me that they got 20 inches of snow!  A bit late for that much snow, but it happens – in Norway that is.

fodtmedskipabeinaBORN WITH SKIS
And here I am having complaints about cool weather. That’s downright embarrassing, when my former neighbors are standing in snow up to their hip.
Poor people!  But I bet all skiers are happy about the snow and the owners of ski lifts and hotels in that Norwegian Ski-resort where I once was working as a marketing manager, are having a great end of season. Cause after Easter no Norwegian is skiing anymore.
Then from the day after Easter-Monday everyone wonders why spring is so late this year. You gotta be born in Norway to understand that mentality.

From a neighbor we got 6 Easter-decorated cup-cakes. Yummy..
But I am straying…rather want to tell you the good news: I have seen the first flower in our garden – a lonely crocus under the apple tree.
Under the afternoon walk-about in the neighborhood I saw more flowers. Don’t know the name of them but it was a pretty sight.
Another sight we had was this tree, which has been eaten almost entirely by a bunch of crazy maniac woodpeckers. Have a good look at the heap of wood shaves around the bottom of the tree.

DSC_0006-miHad a very blue sky today, and there was times when I could take my coffee and sit outside. Yeah, we had mostly a lazy day today, though I did start to scrape some of the old red paint off the wall shingles. Used the heat gun on it, but my left arm hurts tonight. Guess that is from holding the heat gun.



  1. I think your body is saying slow down just a wee bit. You really don't need to keep up with those manic woodpeckers. LOL

  2. Easter is celebrated many different ways in many different families. We colored eggs, hid them and then all the kids had fun finding them. Then, it was off to church and a big family get together and dinner. Memories are a wonderful thing. Thank goodness we both still have ours.

  3. Easter means many different things to everyone! is hoping you have a lovely weekend filled with more crocuses coming up!!

  4. Think you need to easy your way back into all that physical labor, you just might hurt yourself. Enjoy Easter.

  5. I agree with everyone else. You probably need to slow down a bit. Easter to us was always getting dressed up with new clothes and going to church. Then a big family meal.

  6. I did the one thing I love the best: research on the net.

    The yellow flowers are:
    Wikipedia: Tussilago farfara, commonly known as Coltsfoot....
    Other common names include Tash Plant, Ass's foot, Bull's foot, Butterbur, Coughwort, Farfara, Foal's foot, Foalswort, Horse Foot and Winter heliotrope.



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