Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finally a lazy Day
It’s Saturday and the day in between Easter and Good Friday. Tomorrow local stores will be closed. People will get a rest from their jobs. Commerce will abate for one day.
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Since we returned to Campobello I had meant to go and visit Martha’s Bakery in Lubec,ME. I have told about her enterprise in an earlier post. Martha bakes the best bread around here. Today we went down to Lubec to see her. I parked the car beside her house from where you have a nice view across the bay.
Martha had already seen me. When I was fumbling to open the garden gate she came out. “My gate is acting up”, she said. Well, I think it wasn’t her gate but I who tried to open it the wrong way. Martha was pleased to see us again and wished us welcome back. I never heard that in any other store before. Martha is a darling.

Lake Glensevern

Since we had lots of sunshine I suggested to get down to the Provincial Park Beach to let Molly have some fun. The Park is only 4 minutes away from us, so it is a very short drive. When we got down to the beach we realized that a strong wind was blowing out of the North-East and right onto the shore. Despite the sun it was freezing cold. So instead of walking along the water’s edge we chose a path a bit off but parallel to the shoreline. Here it was much warmer. Molly was bounding all over the place. She was happy.

DSC_001 (3)mod-mi

Herring Cove Prov.Park

DSC_001 (4)mod-mi

Little Creek from Lake Glensevern

DSC_001 (11)-mi

Molly having a great time

DSC_001 (8)-mi

Lake Glensevern

DSC_001 (7)-mi

Beaver house

Here, behind the slight rise of the shore, lies the Lake Glensevern. Long, long ago the sea was washing farther inland, but it also brought a lot of sand, dropping it off in the surf zone. The deposited sand grew higher and higher and finally led to separate little lake. which then made the transition into a freshwater lake. A small creek is the lake’s outlet running out into the Bay of Fundy.

It was a great little walk and it was so much fun to watch Molly snooping around. She even walked out into the water

By now the sun has disappeared behind a thick layer of clouds and the weather forecast for the next week is not too good. It might limit me to a  few lazy days near the recliner.

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  1. One thing about being back at "home" is that we know where all the good places to buy stuff and eat are at. Enjoy yourself.

  2. Enjoying all the good places that you missed for the last few months is always nice!

  3. Just started reading your website. Your dog is gorgeous! Enjoying your writing, have a relaxing Easter.

  4. What an amazing view you have from your front porch !


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