Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trailer Trash and a drive to Saint John

You have probably seen this before. Never-the-less it is still mind-boggling, at least to me. This is a European Motor Home, probably on the basis of a Mercedes Bus. The price was said to be “only” 825,000 British Pounds Sterling, whatever that is in poor Dollars.

And if you are sick of paying property taxes this might be for you, even if you wouldn’t be able to join “frugal-RV-travel”.

I want to be trailer trash.  They did not cause the problems that our country faces today.  They did not get mortgages they couldn't afford.  They did not run banks to the ground with greed.  They did not use investors for their personal benefit.  They don't even belong to the unions that ask too much of their companies.  
I'm tired of paying mortgage bills, utility bills, and property taxes.
I want to live more simply, pack up the dogs, and move into a travel-trailer.
I don't mind being called 'trailer trash', but I wanted to get your opinion. 

Trailer001 Trailer002Trailer003
Trailer003 Trailer004
Trailer006 Trailer005Trailer008
Trailer007 Trailer010Trailer009

What  do you think about my decision?


Of course we can’t have such day-dreaming here. Instead I got up at 5:30am (ouch) and started preparations to make the drive to Saint John. Bea had a med. appointment out there and it is a 150 minutes drive. Most times we have the camera with us, so also today.


Above: View from Friars Bay (Campobello) to Eastport, ME

Below: View from International Bridge to Lubec, ME


The drive was uneventful but we sure enjoyed a blue sky and the very nice views from the highway across the water.

City of Saint John


Contrasting in Saint John


Historical King Street


City Hall – and they have a clock outside so

the “workers” know when to go home.



City People waiting for …what?


Bea got out again after 45minutes at the most and then it was my turn. I had an appointment with our lovely authorities on the 14th floor of the Saint John City Hall. By the way did you know what City Hall is in French? Well I’m shocked to tell you that they name it “Hotel De Ville”.   And what a Hotel that is. My rough estimates are that there must be about 1000 people working there. They have their own fast-food joint inside, making sure that the employees, who are always short on time don’t have to plunge into city traffic for finding something gullible to eat. I bet nobody takes a lunch package from home these days. Likewise there is a bank inside and the police head quarters.

From the 14th floor I had a sweeping view over Saint John Harbour and most of the city to the South. If I would work there I would pull the curtains, otherwise I’d just be sitting admiring the view. Maybe that’s why there are so many people in the building. Some admire the view, and some just try to work.

Sorry for being a bit sarcastic tonight, but I just can’t take it so well, that there are actually so many people on the payroll, doing absolutely nothing productive.

Even though it was sunny, a cold wind was blowing through the city. Amazingly we have seen quite a few people in shorts. Those are probably born in a cold and snowy winter outside in the woods and have survived it all. With other words REAL CANADIANS!


Thanks for coming along!




  1. Well, I think our 27' Lazy Daze would just about fit in that rig's bay ;-) I guess we're trailer trash... 27' rig, no slide outs, no TV, seldom use AC... occasionally use generator... Oh well... we've been living full-time in it going on 12 years now and are still doing okay. I have a couple of "interesting" memories about St John... I guess both about the water... the ferry across the Bay of Fundy and another about the reversing tide (or whatever it's called)... but despite those, I still love that area!

  2. I think you should buy two of those and just give me the extra one. Great pictures. Looks like it would be a fun city to explore - if I could stand cities that is.

  3. Oh ya, I've seen those 'trailer trash' pics a couple of times before. Even my Sister (read=SNOB)said she might be able to live in one of those !! LOL It truly is mind boggling !

  4. I want to be trailer trash too!! Do we take a course? Is this what we get at graduation?

  5. I've seen that thing over and over. I think it's the one they also featured on "Top Gear" a while back.
    I've never quite understood what they consider to be their "target market". Race car drivers? Well, in Europe, the don't drive their own rigs. Rich folks? Who is going to drive it for them? They're not going to put up with the traffic woes of Europe.
    I'd just be curious to know who buys it is all.
    Fun to look at though.
    Kind of like when you can "tour" a 65 power-yacht. The closest I'd ever get would be on my computer screen.

  6. Thanks for the day trip to St John, its been quite a few years since we have been there.


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