Monday, April 16, 2012

A Park and its roots   

The Roosevelt Campobello International Park is administered by a commission created under an international treaty signed by Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson and President Lyndon B. Johnson on January 22, 1964. Comprised of six members and six alternate members, the Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission has equal representation from Canada and the United States. On the recommendation of the Secretary of State for External Affairs and International Trade Canada, the Governor General in Council appoints three Canadian commission members and three alternates. Three U.S. commission members and three alternates are appointed by the President of the United States.


Under the international treaty, the Commission was charged to take the necessary measures to restore the Roosevelt home as closely as possible to its condition when it was occupied by President Roosevelt, and to administer, as a memorial, the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. The treaty specifies that the two countries share equally in the costs of development, operation, and maintenance of the Park. Canadian budget approval lies with Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada. In the United States, budget approval lies with the Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. Congress.

Day-to-day management of the park is the responsibility of a superintendent, appointed by the Park Commission.

DSC_0019 The “Hubbard” Cottage"

In a manner symbolic of President Roosevelt's devotion to positive international relations, Canada and the United States came together to create this memorial to a U.S. President in Canada. It is the only park in the world owned by the peoples of two countries and administered by a joint commission in their name.

As we are lucky enough to live within a few miles of the park, we have become frequent users of the trails through the park’s natural area. Also, we had the pleasure to repeatedly visit the Roosevelt Cottage an the neighbouring mansions, all from the early 20th century.

Former U.S. Secretary of State, Senator from Maine, Governor of Maine, and Park Commission member Edmund S. Muskie said it best:

Campobello - ...air so crisp one can almost shape it, so heady that to breathe it is intoxicating. ...Soft meadows and glowing woods, ... vistas that embrace the solidity of the coast and the exuberance of open water. ... sudden coves, weathered piers, the look of endurance and the evidence of man's enduring.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is remembered as a leader of tremendous significance in the history of the United States, the President who led his country through the Great Depression and World War II. Campobello was his "beloved island," a home place during his early years, and is therefore a fitting site to honor his memory.


Unlike in the above pictures we had a cold day with fog rolling around the island. It is a type of weather which requires a wind breaker and some warm under garments. The weather men had left us hope for a few sun rays, alas, it was not to happen.

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  1. Nice park, you are making the island a must see place.

  2. Pretty fancy smanchy 'cottages' for sure.

  3. nothing like being a tourist in your own town or island! the look of Hubbard Cottage!!

  4. It's nice to be able to live someplace and still be able to enjoy new sights.

  5. That is so neat that our two countries could come together and create this park. Wish we could send you some of our heat. Supposed to be up to 98 this week-end.

    1. Sandie, 'some' of the heat would be OK, but the 98F we don't need. Actually that is the reason, why quite a few people from Florida are coming up here for the summer.

  6. Thanks for the sightseeing tour of your Island surely and interesting place to live.

  7. Interesting story and thanks for the history lesson. It's great to be able to visit such an historical site so close to home. I believe there was a movie called 'Sunrise at Campobello' made in the early 60's about FDR and Campobello.

    1. You are right Rick. I will make a posting about that movie today.


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