Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Even though it is Easter, I find it hard to believe because of it is not supposed to SNOW on Campobello at Easter. Yesterday I came to mention our former place of residence in that Norwegian Ski-resort. Called a friend in Norway today and lo and behold, but that ski-resort received 195cm (38inches) of snow!! That’s cruel!

St.annesSt.Anne’s Church, Welshpool, Campobello Island


So with a thick jacket and a woolen hat we went to church today.

Our church, the St.Anne’s, is Anglican and it sits only 700 yards or so from our home. We drove to Church!


NOT FAIR – Snow on Easter Sunday

The current pastor is retired but he still serves the church on Sundays. Today he had a question for the congregation. He asked what the Easter Bunny and the Eggs have to do with each other and with Easter, and whether anybody had ever seen a rabbit lay eggs?  Of course nobody knew the answer. But some people chuckled over that question. I was chuckling too. I don’t know whether it is appropriate to chuckle in church, but I think God will forgive me for doing so. It was the way the pastor put up that question. Well, finally he came up with the answer.

The egg is a symbol of new life, because the chickens will eventually emerge from the egg, if, the pastor stressed, the conditions are right. But rabbits? Well, you know rabbits multiply easily.

You did know that, right? Well, there you got it. Rabbits are also a symbol of new life. The egg and the bunny. Celebrating the egg as symbol for new life has led to decorating them in the most fantastic ways. Ever seen the beautiful eggs they make in Eastern Europe? Ukrainians and Russians are true masters with that.



After church everyone was invited for brunch. Always good to meet the locals! And they had good coffee.

It is still snowing outside and we just huddle in our warm sitting room. Just have to wait it out.


Hope y’all have a Happy Easter!



  1. Happy Easter to you and Beatrix. Sure a beautiful little church. Enjoyed the Easter Bunny Egg story.

  2. I am so sorry you have snow on Easter. We almost always had snow on Easter in Montana when I was growing up. But I much prefer the sunshine. Hope some of our warmth and sun move your way shortly.

  3. Happy Easter to you guys as well, hope your snow goes away soon!

  4. definitely not fair to have snow on Easter...happy easter to you and Bea..gorgeous little church...have a super week

  5. Happy Easter to you and Bea!..the ukrainian Easter eggs are beautiful!!

  6. I loved the picture of your little church with all the snow. I also loved the story you told about the Easter bunny and eggs and how it related to Easter. Thanks for passing it along.

  7. When oh when did I start hating snow so much ?? LOL


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