Saturday, April 14, 2012

Took the Fat Lady for a Spin
Every time I am looking into the garage (and that’s quite often) I see the Fat IMG_7070Lady sitting and waiting for me to take her out for a Spin.
Today was the day. I grabbed the keys and started her up. Brubrubrub…the gurgle of the 351 V8 was filling the garage. I have to warm her up a bit before I can get her to accept gears.
When she was ready I backed her down the driveway, got her on the road.
I took direction to Herring Cove Provincial Park Beach. A few cars were already parked there and for a split second I could see a kite flying high over the beach, but next moment it had crash-landed on the sand and escaped my vision.
I drove up to the view-platform from where the entire beach all the way to the Roosevelt Park can be seen. From up here I could make out small kids who were playing with that kite.
Besides of me a couple was enjoying the grand view from here. The man was explaining and pointing and forgot to say hi when I greeted them.


Showing Island of Grand Manan off the coast of Maine

The air was cool and crystal clear and I could make out details of the coast of the Island of Grand Manan. Grand Manan is the southernmost island of New Brunswick. It is located right off the coast of Maine. A ferry is serving Grand Manan from Black Harbour to North Head.
But I wanted to go north on the island and got up through Wilsons Beach to Head Harbour. It was high tide so I could not walk over to the Lighthouse, but even from here one can see the tower with the red cross sticking up from above the rocky island. This is sure the most beautiful spot on Campobello.
A few early tourists from Vermont and New Hampshire had parked their cars and were wandering around to find out from where they should take their pictures.
An old fisherman came up to me and showed me a photography, he had taken of two American Bald Eagles sitting high up in a fir.
They were both looking into the same directions, so as far as the motive for a good picture goes, this was superb.

In 2010 we participated on a whale-watch tour from Head Harbour. It was one of our best experiences we had on Campobello

I looked around, taking in the full horizon. Way out there embedded in the dark blue of the ocean the “Wolves” were clearly visible above the water. The Wolves are a few uninhabited islands out at sea. A little farther to the west, already left of the lighthouse, the Grand Manan ferry was steaming towards Black Harbour, gleaming white in the afternoon sun.
During the summer this is the favorite spot to observe the big Humpback Whales going by. There are other whale species too, but the Humpback is one of the most exciting as it turns its tail out of the water when it starts diving again. Sometimes they lift their massive bodies out of the sea, falling back with a huge splash. When they blow out air, the spray can be seen from far away and the noise carries over to the shore.

DSC_0002-miRolling slowly back towards Wilsons Beach I suddenly saw one of the eagles I had just been shown in the picture. It came sailing in across the road and perched in the top of a tall fir. Most likely it was the same tree where the fisherman had taken his picture. I had stopped the car and was staring up there. I was aware that I had not taken the NIKON along. What a shame. I would have to come out here another day and try to snap a picture of this magnificent bird.

Now, here is another bird Bea snapped today. Ever heard about the Flying J’s? This is it!

While I am writing today’s blog, Bea comes in telling me there is a wildfire out there – on the American side of the Bay. We run upstairs and from our balcony Bea shoots this picture of a fast spreading wildfire.
Now, that is scary. Using binoculars I can’t see no lights from fire trucks, nor does any sound travel across the water. The Southern winds may carry the sounds away from us. Luckily it is blowing off-shore for the Americans. Otherwise the fire could spread over huge forested areas. Let’s hope they manage to extinguish it quickly.

City of Eastport,ME as seen from our balcony

I have been active in the kitchen department again. Made marinated chicken breast with rice. Bea cooked the vegetables and we got a great meal together.

Today’s sunset

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  1. What a wonderful tour of your island in the Fat Lady. And then to top it off with a great dinner. Now if only the fire gets under control.

  2. We have eagles around here. I love to see them and take pictures. Since we see so few I've never gotten tired of snapping those shots. I grew up in Port Angeles (across from Victoria) and we saw lots of whales but as a kid I just took them for granted. Now we'll trek across the country to view. Funny how things turn around. We've done some whale watching in British Columbia and also in Boston. How fun that is!

  3. great day for a tour of the Island!..thanks for the ride!..hope the fire burns itself out before things get worse!!!

  4. Thanks for a great ride in the Fat Lady! Whales and Eagles are creatures we see a lot of out here on the west coast too!

  5. Gotta love cruising in the Fat Lady and enjoying the sites around your island. Dinner sounds delicious!

  6. Sure would love to take that car out for a spin !!


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