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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And the Sun re-appeared

Finally the rain subsided, and Mrs. Sun came out. The air was still warm, in fact too warm for my sweater. Bea spent the day working outside transplanting a few roses, setting a few lilacs and cleaning up around the planting area. I swear the grass grew another inch today. (is that possible??) And our neighbor’s hedge is getting green. More spring flowers are popping up and buds are opening everywhere.

Unfortunately I had to continue my battle with our lovely authorities, otherwise we won’t be able to show this island to our visitors. By now I have faxed documents by the bundles, and in the meantime I’m trying to get into alliances with other actors in the local marked.

At 4:30pm I had to see the local mechanic to get an inspection sticker affixed to our JEEP. That’s another funny idea of the New Brunswick Government, and it is sure new to me, as we never had to do that in Alberta. It’s a joke anyway. I know what inspections in Europe are like. There is some meaning in the word of inspection, and it sure makes no sense the way they do it in New Brunswick.

Enough of that.

After I had a short meeting with the owners of a motel today, I took the road down to the beach to see whether yesterday’s storm had caused a high surf. But it might have been the direction the wind was blowing or caused by the deep cove, there was no special surf on the beach. But I always love to come out here and enjoy the wide view across the ocean. It makes me forget the hassles of what we get ourselves into in daily life. It kind of clears my mind of all the trivialities I deal with. Seeing the shear endless seeming surface of the ocean also is a reminder of the everlasting life, as this coastline has been here long time before any human set foot on these beaches.
DSC_0008-mi DSC_0002-mi
DSC_0004-mi DSC_0005-mi
DSC_0006-mi DSC_0007-mi

Whether we know it or not but It is nature that keeps us going.

Have a wonderful evening!



  1. Glad you guys survived the storm okay with only a short problem of no power.

  2. Such a gorgeous beach. I hope you get those forms behind you. It definitely is the nature that does keep us going. Aren't we lucky we get to enjoy it?

  3. Sure is nice to see the sun shining again. Good luck with the paperwork.

  4. It sure is Mother Nature who makes the grand difference to many of us alright.

  5. Nice to see that the sun is shinning after the storm, beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. We will be visiting family this summer in Frederickton, Campbellton, and Saint John, sure would like seeing the island. Have a great day!

  6. Sunshine is always better right after a storm. Beautiful photos of the ocean beaches!


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