Wednesday, March 23, 2022

We Did What We Did Only Once Before

We knew it would be getting colder, but when I stepped outside this morning, I was reminded of what March is all about. An icy wind from the east was sweeping across the campground. So both Dixie and I were quick with getting back inside.

Our ferry departure was booked for 10:10am, but strangely, the ferry left at 8:45, which was just fine for us as we would be saving some time on our trip.

Lewes Ferry Terminal

What we didn't know then was that later it turned out to be quite important.

View of Manhattan
Driving along the shoreline of New Jersey was a pain in the **s. The fierce wind hit us as a crosswind and it was almost impossible to keep the rig going at a normal speed. 

Then Bea got an idea. She suggested to take a route westward across the peninsula towards Philly, but without getting into the city. Another Hwy 206 was running parallel with the I-95 and offered a much better protection from the wind.

After getting through Trenton, traffic got really heavy. We followed the I-95 along the eastside of the Hudson river. This is a route we had once taken with our motorhome. We crossed the Hudson on the George Washington Bridge. And I had to shake my head over and over again. How can ANYBODY be living in such a congested area with such unbelievable chaos in traffic? We had to cross on the upper level as campers and trucks are not allowed on the lower level. (No idea why)

We went onto the I-87, then I-287 and finally the I-684. This is NOT a good route. Traffic is crazy there, and gas stations can only be found miles off of the highway and usually they are tiny places with extremely little space to get in and out for a camper rig like ours. One station we tried had a price for regular almost up to $6.00. I got out of there, but had to back out into traffic as the way forward was too narrow. 

A short distance from Danbury, we got into really heavy stop-and-go traffic. It was past 5pm and time to call it a day. Lucky us, we found a rest area and pulled in there for the night. It's full of trucks but we had an exhausting day and are dead tired. So, I guess, we'll sleep anyway.


  1. That's why we avoid NYC and use 81 to 84, sorry you had such a rough trip today.

  2. We attempted the I-81 on the way south, but gave up and went back to the I-80. The I-81 is prob. one of the worst interstates in the US. But we also avoided it for the return trip because I cannot drive mountains with my rig. It was the first and last time we went south with this trailer combination. Maybe back to a Class A Diesel some time.


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