Sunday, March 20, 2022

"I Came From Alabama, With A Banjo On My Knee, But Then I got Georgia On My Mind


Yup, that's what happened today. "Sweet Home Alabama" is the license plate inscription, and so said the sign at the road and it sure is beautiful up here on the I-20 via the big city of Birmingham. 

Birmingham, AL

The road here was nice, with only a few exceptions, and the weather with low winds couldn't have been more beautiful.

Spring has sprung

And then we rolled into Georgia, the "Peach State". Beautiful green rolling hills also here. 

Atlanta Skyline showing up

Approaching Atlanta, the mega city of the south, we were wondering how to get through. We decided to stay on the I-20 instead of taking the I-285 by-pass. And we did the right thing, as the bypass was a traffic mess, while there was no problem getting straight through the city. Also the I-20 is much shorter to drive. 

This is light traffic in Atlanta

Georgia State Capitol

Hallelujah, we got back into a country setting and are spending the night a few miles from Madison, GA. Our route the next days will be Augusta, Columbus Fayetteville,SC, Norfolk, VA. We will not stay around in neither NC nor SC as we expect that cold front moving in to Maine soon, and we should beat it by getting home before it makes traveling really uncomfortable. 

We got a kick out of this name

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  1. Way down yonder on the Chatahoochee It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie.


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