Monday, December 21, 2015

Our Pets

We love our dog Molly and consider her a family member. My personal preference have always been dogs versus cats, horses, hamsters, rats or white mice. But everyone has his/her very own love for a pet.
Now, it has been deeply disturbing for me to read, see or hear about animal abuse. Every time that happens, it ruins my day. And that goes way beyond regular pets. In fact, many times the bad news are coming from farm units and are about farm animals.
From time to time we receive those absolutely horrific news about how bad animals have been treated. Often the animal shelters are seeing abused animals. I don’t want to go into details and destroy your peaceful Christmas celebrations.

Besides of regular abuse there are those people who think they can buy a cute puppy or kitten for a Christmas gift for their kids. Pretty soon the little pet becomes a nuissance as nobody in the family thinks of “educating and training” their new family member. Dogs are left to their own company all day long and turn into paranoical barkers which in turn will upset the entire neighbourhood. When enough complaints are received the pet will be (at best) brought to a shelter. Many times though the next shelter is either filled up already or simply too far to drive to. So the pet “disappears”. My sympathy for people like that has reached a historical low. Obviously they do not see their pets as family members but as toys which can be discarded at will.

If you come across animal abuse in your neighbourhood, pls report this to the police and animal control officers. We should all be aware of that animals are no toys or “things”. Pets are not Christmas gifts!

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  1. I hate stuff just like you do too. It makes me sick. It's too bad laws aren't stronger for some of these folks and they don't catch more of them.


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