Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve On The Island

Waking up on Christmas Eve has always been wonderful, even now when I’m 63. The wonder of Christmas has never left me, thanks to my parents who always managed to get us kids very excited in the Advent of Christmas.
But when i stuck my head out the door this morning, I got wet and so did Molly on her early outside trip. It was raining pretty steady, but it was also extremely warm. In fact at 8am the temperature was 7C (45F). Now, 13hrs later it is 11C (52F)
1-Screenshot (18)
Not much of a difference!
1-Screenshot (19)

Over the last days I have spent hours in my workshop. Bea calls it a “man-cave”. I had told her to stay away from my shop these days and she did. Today it was time to reveal what I had been busy with. I have made a model of our wonderful Head Harbour Light Station. Mind you it is the tower only, not including 4 other buildings. I had found a 12V car bulb and fabricated a holder for it, then connected it to a 12V phone charger, and voila…the tower had a light on the top. The model ist about 18” tall.
head harbour
We had a great Christmas Eve dinner and I made a Coconut-Cream Brulee adorned with pineapple for dessert. One of the best desserts I have ever tasted. Then it was time to drive the short distance over to the old Anglican Church for a Christmas Service. The church was nicely decorated for Christmas. The Anglican Church is the oldest church on Campobello and even Franklin D. Roosevelt attended service here when he stayed on Campobello.
We spend the rest of the evening with some nice music and our dear Molly right at our feet. She loves to be close to us.

A peaceful Christmas Eve it sure was.



  1. Merry Christmas to you and Bea and Molly. The sun is shining which makes the day warm even if the thermometer doesn't necessarily agree.

  2. Hit enter too soon. I love your light house. What a great job.

  3. What a nice surprise for Bea. I love the lighthouse and am sure she probably did too.


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