Saturday, December 26, 2015

Flowers Are Blooming And Birds Are Singing

It sure seems to be the perfect winter to stay on Campobello. Temperatures have been on the upside over Christmas and the temptation of taking a nice forest walk became too big so I took off with Molly along one of our favorite trails through The Campobello Provincial Park.
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It’s a walk through a Troll-forest with fallen and half-fallen trees and a fresh little brook running along the mossy forest floor.
 1-DSC_0165 1-DSC_0167
The park has covered the wettest parts of the trail with gang-planks and nailed asphalt roof shingles to them so people have a better foothold. Previous rain had made the ground real soggy but we kinda found our way around without getting our feet too wet.
Again I have been amazed how smart Molly is. When arriving at a puddle she walks around it, even if that means she has to jump across a tree limb.
The trail leads along Lake Glensevern, which once was created by the ocean as giant storm waves have thrown up a high gravel bench over throusands of years, thus dividing the lake from the ocean. Of course, the lake is fresh water today, but gets the occasional injection of sea water when winter storms are going over top of the dividing beach.
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I am sure the temperature reached 65 or more in sunny spots. Temperatures in the shade reached 58F yesterday.

However tomorrow we will get a dip into colder weather and apparently some snow is on the way. Well, after all IT IS WINTER even though we haven’t been having much of it.

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