Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hallelujah For Global Warming! With Update.

Woke up to storm casts and pelting rain today, which made me check out the forecast for the next days. While at it I saw that Arizona and Southern California is having a cold spell. In fact, Campobello was a few degrees warmer than El Centro this morning. And it is only 2 days ago that our high temps where 52F (11C)  Winter hasn't happened yet, and we hope it stays that way. Hallelujah for global warming!

Well, the weather changed, rain turned to SNOW during the early afternoon and it is still snowing as we speak. 
ISLAND TOURS fading out into snow

Took a trip to Herring Cove Beach and got a shot out the car window. This is taken at low tide! So not the type pf weather for a leisure kayak tour.
So - we pulled even with Arizona today.


  1. Thats great for you guys. But as you know El Centro does get much warmer during the daytime with the intense sunshine.
    We take our chances here and enjoy the desert.

  2. I guess it's globally warm only in southern Florida right now. :(


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