Saturday, December 19, 2015

Open Live Writer Works!

My relief today is noticable. After fighting with the Blogger publishing for days and even establish a back-up blog on wordpress, I have managed to get Open Live Writer to work. The creators of OLW have stated that Windows Live Writer will never come back to work with Google’s Blogger. It still works for wordpress though! But why bother with two versions if one is working well?

Out here we have had a couple of days with unpleasant drizzle and rain. It was warm though, yesterday reaching 49F (9C). We were considering whether we should start gardening again, but maybe better not, for today we are just at 32F (-1C) and we got a strong northern wind blowing straight through our garments. Well, yeah it’s Long-John-Time again. But that is OK, cause after all Monday marks the official beginning of winter. For Christmas Eve the prediction is 46F again, so no snow SIR.

Meanwhile we have brought more firewood into our basement.
I am also working on a Christmas project in my shop and Bea is not allowed in there! That’s why there are no pictures yet. (hehe..) Hopefully I can present the result of my work by the end of next week. Have also made a little extension of a window sill behind the couch, so that we can have a lamp sitting there.  I really enjoy being close to all my tools and my shop this winter. Who knows what else I wil make this winter.
1-DSC_0013                                            3 little elves waiting for Christmas
So let’s see whether Open Life Writer will get the publishing job done.

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  1. Live Writer is the best tool out there for publishing a blog. I'm always amazed when folks say they don't use it. They just don't know what they're missing.


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