Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Talk About Paradise

Even though I am in Alberta for work.
My heart is ……..HERE – always.

herring CoveNot any exotic place thousands of miles away on the  other side of the globe. It’s CAMPOBELLO ISLAND!


  1. That is one beautiful place there on the island.

  2. Aerial of Herring Cove and Lake Glensevern.
    It is true, somehow the Island captures your heart.

    But the winters here are nasty too, with lots of fierce, icy winds and snow storms.
    One difference, though, the cold doesn't last that long than in Alberta. While it starts warming up here already in April you have to wait until early June in Alberta.
    And the fall along the coast can be long and warm until late November. By that time Alberta is already frozen solid.


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