Saturday, August 2, 2014

City Time

It was Friday and I was off work. And I slept until 8am, which is extremely rare, though I actually could do it, even when having a work day. My bus route doesn’t start before 10:30am and even though I am onsite at 9:00am, which would be way early, I still could have long morning sleeps, but I just don’t seem to be the type for getting up late. But today, I must have been tired or just needy for the extra hour. 
I had figured it would be a good day for doing some shopping errands, so after breakfast I headed on out. Driving down Stony Plain Road my destination was a thrift store. I needed a new electric iron. The old one had some strange smear on the underside and I had almost ruined one of my white shirts earlier. They had several irons at the BFM-thrift store and I chose a new-looking Black & Decker. Price was 8 bucks. Also found two nice drinking glasses at 50 cts each. Can’t beat that either.
I had a letter posted and went into a Dollar Store to find a few wall hooks for towels to hang on.
Next stop was the Super Store’s Gas Bar where today’s gas was down to $1.10/liter. They give you  3.5cts off as “Superbucks” which you can spend in their huge grocery store. On top of that a guy gave me a 5-Dollar coupon and with what I already had of “Superbucks” it amounted to more than 11 Dollars. Before they reach their expiry date they need to be spent so I walked into the store and got myself food items for the next days. As my bus route doesn’t really give me any time to eat anything substantial during the day, I like to have some food when coming home.
20140731_192528   “My” Prevost at a rest stop in Westlock,AB
20140731_211245   …and fueling it up again.
But since my home-coming never happens before 9:30pm or later, my food preparations must be done in advance so I can just warm it up. On days where I had no prepared meals I cheated with box food, but that is not a good way to eat in the long run.

So today I hunkered down and prepared “Svenska K├Âttbullar” which can be enjoyed cold or warmed up.  Sorry, I did not take a pic of this meal. Smile

I was just about having my afternoon coffee when my host showed in the door frame asking whether I could drive out west to Edson to deliver a trailer. Edson is some 200clicks from here and constitutes quite a ride for an afternoon. But I agreed and was soon on my way with an old Dodge Diesel Pickup and a spanking new  30+ft. trailer in tow.

Driving west on Trans Canada Highway 16 I noticed all the RVers heading into the same direction. They were out there by the thousands, most of them probably heading into the National Parks. Yeah it sure was Friday and everybody eager to get out of town.

Will be working all weekend, so no time for blogging.
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  1. Love Swedish Meatballs, and like you said good anytime, hot or cold.
    This being the August long weekend will be busy almost everywhere.
    I remember my 13 years working weekend for the bus company here in Ontario, not great for a social life and a young family.

    1. As I'm all by myself I don't mind long hours and weekend work. I just enjoy the job.


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