Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Money Laundering Going On

Money laundering is labeled as an international crime and is one of the main things customs officials in most countries are looking for. In fact, entire crime investigation units are focused to stop drug money from being “white-washed” through legal business activities.

All this has nothing to do with the money laundering I did today. And I was just lucky that Canadian bills are made of …..plastic.

Yup, I had the day off and needed to do my laundry. From the washer it went into a huge dryer. When the machine had stopped I found my money.

Crisp and clean like it was made this day. Plastic money doesn’t even crinkle!

Voila…75 Canadian Dollars. I don’t even need to iron them… cause THAT would destroy it.


  1. Nice choose of words....
    Now you also got "clean" money...

  2. Maybe someone else left it in the machine?
    I found a twenty dollar bill one time in a dryer and I know it was not mine.

  3. That plastic money makes more sense than our paper dollars - I think we have fabrics in ours, too. Canadian dollars probably last longer. I've washed dollars before and they come out fine, maybe a little lighter in color? Long time ago. :)


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