Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rolling, Rolling..Rolling..

When I first got hired into this bus company I made it a point that I was not interested in any part-time work. After all I came out west to work and not to sit around in my trailer. Local manager started to hand out a bit too many free days but all-of-a-sudden work picked up pace. An all-new route has been established from yesterday on offering a direct bus connection between Edmonton and Jasper. On top of that a few of the drivers had been on vacation or simply taken off a few days. That led to me being the most busy of the company drivers. Right now I’m looking back at the last 6 days with 800 clicks every day. That’s about 4800kms a week or about the equidistance from here to New Brunswick across most of Canada. Whether I am tired?  Nope, I’m not. Too bad DOT regulations put a stopper to more than 70hrs/week. Otherwise…..

That is not to say I don’t enjoy my day off, but boy do I ever look forward to get back to work again on Thursday.

On top of all that the boss just sent me an email that he has bought a new 45ft. Prevost coach to be delivered soon.

Of course, there are days where things can go sideways, like yesterday when I was the only person to do all ticket sales, get the bus ready AND drive the 400clicks north, just to “loose” a passenger underway. Some people have problems with time management!  And since the passenger manifest was missing a name, it never got to my attention until too late. But the guy got a free ride today!

Have also started looking for housing in the area. It’s only 6 more weeks before temps will be around the freezing mark and life in a trailer would become a bit uncomfortable.

So what do I do on my day off?


It has been piling up and needed to be addressed. It’s a never-ending moment of irritation that I can’t get my white shirts clean in a normal washing process. North American washers have no self heating temperature adjustable program. So I have started to get my white shirts pre-soaked and hand-washed in the trailer. At least that brought out the white color again. I know that European-style washers have lately become available, but you just can’t find them at a coin Laundromat.  

  King of the roads: one of our good old MCI-coaches…


  1. Which is exactly why our last washing machine is a European model. Runs on 220 and everything. If the water needs to be hot, it's not an issue.
    If doing your laundry is the worst problem you have, then you're not doing too badly.
    Happy Motoring.

  2. Gotta love getting back on the road and getting paid for it, enjoy the new Prevost.

  3. Glad to hear they are keeping you busy and that you're enjoying the work. Sure hope Bea and Molly get to join you shortly.

  4. Remember the old adage: "Be careful what you wish for." Although it sounds like you're finally getting the work you wanted.

  5. I hope you'll keep up your good housekeeping skills when I am back. I would like that. :))
    Safe drivings.

  6. The best time to visit Vietnam


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