Sunday, August 31, 2014

Me And My (New) Coach

Did I mention that the boss had purchased a new coach to the fleet? Well I was just driving the OLDEST MCI north today when I got the honour of driving the NEWEST fleet addition back south. OMG….I was thrilled and thrilled and thrilled. This 2003 PREVOST is a ROLLS ROYCE to drive. When the old MCIs start panting up the long north Albertan hills this Prevost is FLYING up the inclines. Even though it is actually 11 years old it still smells NEW! It is responsive on gas and brakes like nothing else I have driven. Tons of power are propelling this machine of proud Canadian engineering down the road. Just the thought of taking this beauty down south makes me jittery. It sure would make a great motor home.


  1. I'm wondering what kind of gas engine is in that Prevost. Or is it actually diesel.

    1. Al, actually all coaches have big diesel engines now. In fact they all had had from very early on, School buses, however, only recently got diesel engines.

  2. Gotta love a Prevost,I drove one many years ago, and it was awesome then.

  3. It's huge. But for those who love to drive big rigs this would be a dream machine.


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