Monday, June 23, 2014

We Had A Situation

It was one of the warmest days this year, Winds were calm, sun was shining all day long and I even had my breakfast outside, which is a first this season. So far – so good.
During late afternoon, my host decided to try out a wood chipper. Being curious about that kind of equipment I joined in to help. Seeing the branches disappear in the machine just to come out again all chipped up was kind of fun. That is as long as it lasted. When one of the branches stopped I bend over to push it down. During that attempt I kind of lost balance and supported myself by putting my left hand on the hot, hot exhaust muffler.

I was quicker than quick to undo this, but the damage was done. My skin was sizzling and expanded enough to throw up a little wrinkle. Knowing that only immediate ice or cold water could limit the damage I ran as fast as I could to my trailer and stuck my hand in the freezer – which was painful enough. Then running cold water, then freezer again than running water. I figured I needed a trip to the E.R.  GPS gave me directions but it was a few miles off. Arriving there I just had a look into the waiting area and turned around. It would take all evening to get to a doc. So I decided next best solution was a pharmacy.
But it seems that pharmacies are closed on Sundays, so my last resort was Wally World on Stony Plain Road. I was lucky enough to find they were still in business. Got myself some gauze pads, medical tape and polysporin against infections.

Running back on Stony Plain Rd. I discovered that Police had barricaded the ramp up to Winterburn Rd.
4 cruisers were blocking the ramp and even more were on top of Winterburn Rd. What the heck was going on here?

I knew about a possible detour and when I finally was home again the word was that a hostage situation was going on in a camper parked about 300meters from our place. Geez….
It lasted several hours before police was gone.

Aah…..big city life.  What a pleasure.


  1. Lucky you didn't stumble into the chipper.

  2. Hopefully your hand will be better, those chippers can be a very dangerous machines.

  3. I can't even imagine how much your hand must hurt. Hope it's better soon. Way too much excitement at your house.

  4. So sorry about your burn, but after reading your title and the words "wood chipper" I have to admit I was kind of happy to read about the burn. I was expecting to read about something going into the chipper like your fingers or hand. Whew, I know how much burns hurt, though. Pretty much worse than anything else. I sure hope it pain calms down soon and will heal without infection. It sounds like you knew what to do, so that was good.

    I think your ERs are as bad as ours here in the States. Unless its your heart or you are bleeding profusely, plan on a long wait. When I drove from Quartzsite to San Diego on my doctor's orders, with the possibility of an intestine bursting, I arrived at the ER, checked in and told them what was going on, and waited hours to be seen. Emergency surgery followed. That was a tough wait. :(


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