Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday The 13th. But The Furnace Was Fixed

One of these rare Fridays have passed over us again and nothing really bad happened, that is if you don’t think of the threat of gas prices increasing again tomorrow. Our wonderful oil companies have again plotted a new excuse for sending oil prices to heaven. Well, it MUST be heaven for them. “Give me my daily military conflict and I will raise the gas price tomorrow and forgive me for my wrong doing…..” and so on. You know it.

Well, I am just cutting down on my driving again. Right along with oil companies are insurance companies who are masters in increasing their premiums for no good reason.

But let’s focus of the positive things in life. Otherwise you’ll tell me you saw the news already and don’t need it coughed up again. Right so!

At about 2:30pm the RV technician was pulling in. And I mean PULLING, as he had his shop trailer right with him. Dave had everything ready for testing my furnace and was pleased to see that he wouldn’t have to crawl underneath the sink to remove it first. He slid the thing out of its shroud and quickly found the culprit. Not any surprise there, it was the circuit board. I made the call to Suburban and they gave me the phone number of their Canadian Rep. Company in Calgary where I can submit the bill for refund. The total came to $388.50 – not cheap but then nothing is cheap in an RV and especially not in Alberta. Furnace works again, but now it’s been so warm that I don’t need it.
But if I’m not mistaken temps are gonna take a dip for a few days tomorrow and Sunday.

Dave runs his own company (Mike and Dave RV Inc.) together with a partner and this young outfit deserves positive mentioning. First, of all he came when he said he would be coming, second, he knew his stuff and didn’t have to fool around first and third, he was friendly and customer service oriented.

In stark contrast, this was the reception I got when I was first contacting a local RV-dealer with the same issue:  “Our first available date for a repair is July 02. No, we can’t pull any mechanic from existing work, not even to have a quick look, unless you have purchased your RV with us”.

So let me back up a bit: IF the RV would have been sold by them THEN there would have been time available????   A very strange policy and one which invariably would lead me to seek out a different place to buy my next RV.
A good example of non-existing customer service.

How would YOU like to be met with this attitude if you were just passing through and had a pressing issue with your RV?  
I bet you have met something similar once in your years as an RVer.

Anyway, we are at the end for today. Have a great weekend and see ya’ll later.


  1. We love good customer service on the road or off. Glad everything is all fixed.

  2. Good customer service is the key to a successful business.
    Nice that you got your furnace fixed.

  3. If I bought my RVf from them...I would think that was great customer service.

  4. Everything going along quite nicely now for you. So glad to hear that. As for gas prices here in Canada - let's just say I'm very glad my rig is PARKED for the Summer !

  5. I suppose you could live with that as a customer service policy if you planned on parking in their lot indefinitely. Other wise you better hope for someone that can work with the urgency of the need. I hate going to tire stores that hurry up for customers who wait at the store and keep pushing back the customer who is out of sight. Makes me want to bring little kids or yappy dogs to make plenty of noise so they'll want to see us happily on our way. Glad the warmth is flowing again!

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