Monday, June 16, 2014

Is It Really A Good Reason To Celebrate?

Turning 62 yesterday I had my loneliest birthday ever. Not that everyone forgot it. Oh no. I got emails from Norway and Germany and 2 phone calls from Down East and another from Germany. But nobody knocked on my door here. simply because there’s nobody here who knows me. Yet my host came over today with a cake in his hands. I made the coffee and we had a nice chat in the trailer.
And it’s not that I am FEELING being past the 60-mark.  I am still very active and have no intention of slowing it down. So, maybe people celebrate not their age but rather that they are still doing fine? It sounds like a much better reason to me, anyway.

I am helping my host getting his RV-dealership moved to the new location and there is sure a lot of things I can do, like f.ex. moving RVs around town. Unfortunately, my potential employer has postponed the start of my training again. So I am more than happy having something to do.

Bea is also staying quite busy on the home front, helping our friends with their motel and doing gardening for a variety of people.

Summer is starting officially in a few days and the temps are gonna reach in the high 70s low 80s. (26-28C).



  1. Happy Birthday Peter! Another day, another birthday of any celebration is wonderful even a quiet one. I hope you found enjoyment in the day!!

  2. Happy Birthday Peter, everyday we are in good health is worth celebrating, keep busy there and enjoy the nicer weather.

  3. Happy Birthday (a day late). I spent many a lonely birthday when I was younger but now I celebrate life every day. Nice that you have a job that can keep you busy during the day while the other one gets worked out.

  4. I am right with you at 62 and I am bragging because there are a lot of folks who would have never believed I would make it this far.

  5. Happy Birthday, Peter - you are still a kid! Right now you're doing what you have to do, and I'll bet you'll have more exciting birthdays in the near future. Bea probably really hated missing your birthday in person! Next year....

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