Friday, June 13, 2014

My New Digs And The Big City Life

Never before in my life have I spent any extended time in any big city. Never felt for it and never really will. One of the things I want to mention on the positive side though is how close everything is. I don’t need to drive on for ever to find a food store or a laundromat or Post office. Everything is pretty close. Another thing on the positive side is a much bigger CHOICE of what I can get and WHERE I can get it. If the nearest gas station sells their gasoline at an over price, I simply drive to the next one which indeed can be 6cts lower pr. liter. Those are the good sides of being in a big city.

What about the bad sides? Number one irritation are big city drivers. Many of them have one or another obvious brain damage, at least it seems so if you look at the mindless way they are driving. Aggression and  even road rage are obviously a daily experience if one spends extended time in big city traffic. Why there are speed limits in the city is beyond me. Nobody cares anyway. If it says 70km/hr, drivers seem to read 90km/hr. Double medians are crossed over all the time. Who cares?
IMG_9070 IMG_9072
Then there is rush hour. Yesterday I watched it from my camp chair. A busy city road is passing just 50m behind my trailer. At 5pm the number of vehicles on that road caused a complete stand-still. Definitely a time when it is better to watch than to drive out here.

Nevertheless, I like my place of city residence. As you can see I’m all by myself with lots and lots of space around me. I do have a TV-reception again, even though it is shaky at times.

While I am waiting for my training to start I am helping my host with all kind of outdoor work. Yesterday it was weed-whacking, today I used an electric chain saw to cut low-hanging branches of the trees. It keeps me busy and I show him my appreciation of being here for free.

Another thing I did today was removing my furnace from under the kitchen sink. I finally figured out why it wouldn’t come out last time I tried. I took off the gas line and found a plug for it at Home Depot. Another benefit of being in a big city. Tomorrow I have an RV mechanic coming to check out the darn thing and hopefully find the reason for malfunction.
I had called the manufacturer, Suburban, to ask about the warranty and found out that I still have 5 months left of it. Guess I lucked out there. Hopefully they will acknowledge the claim. I will have the mechanic talk to the guys at Suburban to make sure they cover the cost.

And THAT will be all for today. More is coming up tomorrow.

Thanks again for dropping by here.


  1. I don't mind the city if I don't have to drive anywhere. So if I could have everything delivered to me I'd be okay. But knowing it's for a certain length of time would definitely help. Hope that furnace gets fixed. Heat is a good thing.

  2. Quite the scenery view I'd say. At least you have found a spot of green. I'm always plotting to get OUT of the city. I agree, knowing that it is limited helps. Soon you will be on the road again and nothing beats that.

  3. Things are sure looking up for you. I like your spot - tons of room, and some really nice trees. AND your furnace being under warranty - great news. A little TV doesn't hurt, either! :)

  4. At least you have some open space where you are living, even though close to everything.

  5. Again good luck coming your way. I'm so glad. I know what you mean about the driving - try it here !! Oh My and I'm still not even near Toronto - but they are sure in a hurry !!


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