Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rolling On

After having a long and good look at the weather maps we decided to move on.
So yesterday, we left Oak Flat Campground and rode on to Roper Lake State Park 7 miles south of Safford,AZ. Friends of us are serving as hosts there and several years ago we had been there.

Roper Lake State Park, Safford,AZ
Coming to Roper Lake State Park is like coming to peace, a peace you might only find in nature, though, if you take a close look not everything at the park is nature. Take the lake f.ex. which was created as an artificial lake. But it seems that nature has adopted this lake, or at least the birds have adopted it.

image image

1-DSC_0393Thousands of Yellow breasted Blackbirds are living around this lake, filling the air with their special sounds, which often remind me of a rusty door hinge. Egrets and ducks are abundant as well and after a long day of driving or hiking, the natural hot springs at Roper Lake are not only inviting, they're invigorating! Roper Lake State Park provides a great place to spend a few days or just a few hours.


image image

1-DSC_0356 1-DSC_0360

                                                                                      Graham Mountain    

Desert vegetation, a peaceful lake and a view of Mount Graham, just a few miles away, frames a beautiful picture for visitors to enjoy.        

Roper Lake from the Mesa

Eight cabins line the lake at Roper Lake State Park offering a plethora of recreational opportunities. Cabins at Roper Lake are variably furnished with bunk beds with mattresses and/or full size beds with mattress.

Worth to mention is the beautifully built hot tub. Bea tried it yesterday evening and I had myself a nice dip just before leaving Roper lake this morning.

1-DSC_0381 1-DSC_0372

And while Bea is having fun…………………………….I have to wait outside


Today’s ride led us along Hwy 70 to Lordsburg from where we rode down I-10 to Las Cruces,NM.

We had considered to go up to Albuquerque but finally decided against it. Instead we continued US Hwy 70 via Alamogordo. It was not a very clear day so today’s pics are not too good I guess.

1-DSC_0402 1-DSC_0404

                                                                    San Andrews Mountains

Thanks for skipping along!


  1. Glad to see you were able to move along without any more steep climbs. Bea probably needed that hot tub for a little stress release. Take it slow and enjoy the trip.

  2. Thats nice that you can take your time end enjoy the sights along the way.

  3. Poor Molly. She looks so sad all tied up like that. Weather could definitely be iffy further north so glad to hear you're going the southern route for awhile.


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