Friday, March 22, 2013

Brrrr… It’s Gettin’ Cold!

Even though it should be the beginning of spring, it rather looks like winter has returned to the U.S. Looking at the weather map we see that the entire east all the way down into Florida is covered by cold temperatures. While South Carolina and Northern Florida still are in the fifties, it gets freezing cold farther up the coast with Pennsylvania having night temps in the mid-high 20ies.

That makes it really a difficult question as to where we want to stake out our route home. We hate running up through frost and snow so the best bet would probably be to stick to a route near the coast.

It was a very gloomy day with a cloud cover reaching to the horizon.

Yep, really grey today

Winds were out of the north-west which isn’t too bad really, when you try to go east most of the day. Our fuel mileage came to almost 12mpg, which we are really happy about. It is the even drive for miles and miles along the Interstate which makes the fuel mileage look good.
1-DSC_0069 1-DSC_0091
Big city architecture…

And our daily incident from the road was:
A highway patrol cruiser came from behind passing us on our left, chasing a little speeding car. The cruiser pulled over in front of us and then moved straight to the shoulder, while the culprit first tried to stop on the LEFT side along the median, but then all-of-a-sudden crossed straight in front of us in an attempt to get in front of the police cruiser. I leaned on the horn and hit the brakes all I could. We avoided collision but our heart rate went to high heaven.
1-DSC_0097 1-DSC_0096
Tonight we are holed up in a rest area in the eastern-most part of Oklahoma.

Thanks for being with us so far!


  1. We're watching our route north too. So far so good. Leaving on Wednesday morning.

  2. Be sure to stay out of Indiana for a couple of days! Huge snow storm expected.

  3. It is absolutely gorgeous in central California. We're thinking that we may just plan our stays longer around here and less in Arizona during the upcoming years. However, we're good at thinking about what we might do but not so good at keeping those thoughts.

  4. There's some ugly looking weather out there so you guys stay safe.

  5. Good luck with the weather, we heading into Arkansas today and much colder there.

  6. GULP ! I hate close calls like that. People don't realize that we CANNOT stop on a dime. I've had a few of my own.


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