Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Burning Sun Gets Us The Nineties

The complaints about a colder than normal winter have faded in the distance.
The hot weather of the last days achieved what the colder weather wasn’t able to do – making the RVers pack up and get out of here. Wide open spaces between the rigs are now the new normal. If I step out into the sun, it feels like my skin is burning up. The shade of the rig is ruled by no-see-ums and mosquitoes and so we stay inside. Some people are hiding in an air-conditioned shopping mall – or so I heard.
1-DSC_0090 1-DSC_0064
And we are planning our own departure. I devised a plan to mount our giant solar panels to the roof of our van. For that I have bought a few lengths of aluminum, channel and angle, and I am still waiting for the risers to arrive by USPS. But that might take some time. The U.S. Mail is certainly not the fastest under the sun.
1-DSC_0107 1-DSC_0130
All t
hese parts are going to be converted into a 6’x6’ roof rack. A wire will then run from the roof to the tongue of the trailer and the battery compartment.
1-DSC_0116 1-DSC_0115
This is also the time for the last campground gatherings. Monday we met with neighbors for a big chicken dinner and Tuesday we had a Flap-Jack breakfast.

Life can be good folks!


  1. It is a sweltering sun and isn't it early this year? We're not complaining about the cold anymore either. It's hard to complain about cold weather when we're sweating! Lots of luck on transporting those solar panels.

  2. I'm just waiting on getting two more appointments done this week and then I'm on the road. It has been HOT. Which is fine if you just sit in the shade doing nothing. But I always like to putter around.

    Those no-see'ems are EVERYWHERE !! I keep the screen door closed but still tons get into the rig.

  3. People are fleeing Borrego Springs too. Thank goodness it is going to start cooling off soon!

  4. Soon time to head home for you guys too. Keep cool and enjoy you last few days.


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