Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Moving Day And A Golf Adventure

With the rising temperatures we have been plagued by an increasing problem: The bugs came out! Little “No-seems” and flies have been making a stay outside quite unpleasant. We have been parked near desert shrubs and apparently  that’s where those little guys are hiding out. When it’s warming up they are looking for BLOOD and sure enough they’d find us lounging under the awning.

So we decided that we would like that to stop.

There is a pretty open area at the very end of the Hot Springs LTVA, and consequently there is more of a breeze and less bugs.

So we moved!

Ahem….I moved! 

Cause Bea had a golf appointment with Linda and went up-scale golfing at the Barbara-Worth Golf course between Holtville and El Centro. They kinda needed to get a worthy final play on a REAL golf course. It didn’t go down without them being appropriately dressed and equipped with a little gold cart.
They left before 8am and didn’t pop up again before noon.

1-100_5071According to them and the pics here they had a lot of fun. So now I can see Bea starting to frequent the Campobello Golf Course this summer. Well, she does need a sparring partner- and the question is whether our nice neighbor from Connecticut is going to be with her. (Hello Diane!!!)
Back to the moving. I didn’t know that we had accumulated enough junk to fill three cargo trailer-loads. Friend Ron assisted with loading and lending his trailer, and I’m gonna take him out for DONUTS tomorrow afternoon. We have to do that without letting Betty, his wife of many years, know about it. She doesn’t want Ron to eat donuts at all. Gah…
Even though we had a rather cloudy morning the temps started rising and with it came a nice southern breeze. Windows stayed open all day and the trailer didn’t get hot inside even after the sun perked up during the afternoon.
And no bugs!!  That is a real bonus of being parked in a more open area.
We also have a real short walk to the campfire now. No more driving the van up north.
And just before we had our supper, Barbara came by with Katie, her cute little Chihuahua. Molly was sitting right behind the trailer door and was burning to get out to say hello to Katie.
We have 19 more days to departure.

Thanks for being such a steady visitor here.



  1. I hate the no see'ums. We had more than our share that would show up in the evenings when we lived in Texas. Ugh!

    Good for Bea. I used to take golf lessons with a group of girls. It was a lot of fun. Maybe you'll be joining her at the golf course ??

  2. The beauty of you house on wheels, don't like the neighbourhood, just move to another one, enjoy.

  3. Twenty-one days until departure. Mixed feeling for sure.
    And the SNOW must go away!

  4. Glad you got rid of the bugs. Looks like you have tons of room to move around out there for sure.


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