Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Clear Road And No More Snow

Going up the I-81 we crossed State Lines like pearls on a string. We started out at the Lexington Crossing Walmart which I cannot recommend to anyone. Even though they allow overnight stays, the place is currently invaded by nightly rowdies, whose biggest fun is racing a very loud pickup truck besides the parked RVs. Obviously it’s something they do every night. Other users of this location have already described it as “noisy”, which doesn’t really do justice to the excessive noise in the place. They didn’t keep it up all night though. After we shut off the lights they went on for about another hour before quitting. They probably got hungry and went to one of these disgusting fast food places in town.
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We got up with the sun and now we were in Eastern Daylight Saving Time. One more change of time and we would be home.

As usual, we made good time. We were passing Staunton, Harrisonburg and Winchester. North of Virginia the I-81 cuts through an appendix of West Virginia, which is crossed with 30 minutes before the highway cuts through Maryland where we passed Martinsburg and Hagerstown.
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We left the I-81 at Chambersburg and went straight through Gettysburg.
Gettysburg is all U.S. Military history. Who hasn’t heard about the battle at Gettysburg? Beautiful parks and old style buildings make this town one of the most interesting places in Pennsylvania.
I would love to elaborate more about this, but tonight I’m simply too tired to do that. Another time!
The Susquehanna River

Our goal for today was visiting friends Linda and Lew who live not too far from the city of York at the Susquehanna River. making our way over many hills and through steep valleys we finally met “the wall”. The road was simply closed because of construction. The signage was incredibly poor and we were helplessly looking around trying to find out what to do. To the left of us was a steep driveway onto a private property. Up on top they had a paved platform. It looked like we could turn around up there. So we tried and finally managed to back the rig around. Back we went over the steep hills and through the deep valleys. Luckily our GPS-girl picked up the scent and led us down a different route which brought us down to the mighty Susquehanna. Since we had been here last year as well, we remembered certain places and found our way. But our adventure wasn’t over. Not yet!

Our friends live on a farm but have a sloping driveway – not ideal for parking larger RVs. So we figured to park a bit off the road on the shoulder and go check things out. Shouldn’t have done that.
When I returned to haul the rig around, it was stuck in the soft shoulder.


We had already made deep ruts and there was no way that lat rocks in front of the rear wheel the van got out. Being back on the pavement I backed the van in an angle to the coupler and hitched the trailer back on. Now I got it the whole rig back onto the pavement.

Sometimes there are challenges one has to meet ---- and master.

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  1. You're almost there. Just hang in there! At least the snow is behind you .. I hope.

  2. Sure wish your journey was a little more smooth. But like Jeri said - you're almost home. And you got a fabulous picture of the river.

  3. Getting there slowly ,with a few issues, at least nothing major.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.


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