Monday, December 19, 2011

With the Weekend gone...
Where was I when I forgot to put up a posting yesterday? I know the date of the last posting shows the 18th. but actually, being way out west in the PST (Pacific Standard Time not: Provincial Sales Tax) Blogger's date change must be located some distance east of here, I posted it on the 17th, but was pushed into the 18th. Are you confused now? Well, it isn't all that important. So here we go again.

Weekend is gone and boy was I ever lazy. Had us an alright Sunday, and luckily the weatherman had lied, or maybe not "lied" but was just plain wrong, as he had predicted rain between 10am and 12am. But the sun was shining out of a blue sky. The ladies had their annual tea party, but somehow Bea wasn't going. Nope, she dug herself down behind a book and wasn't seen much. But I do have the pics from last year, so that's what you can enjoy here.

I did observe the neighbour lady returning from the party. Whew..what a sight. Had arranged some sort of flower garden on top of her hat. 

The day ran out at the camp fire which basically serves to gossip about all the weird things happening out here. Every now and then we are asked what kind of language we prefere to speak. And then they are stunned to hear: All three of them. And that is true. Ever since we settled in Canada we have spoken a conglomerate of Norwegian, German and English. And nobody guesses the real from-abouts as our accent is a derivate of all three languages.

We are really glad to learn from the bayfieldbunch that Al has no more pain from his Kidney Stone. Boy that story was a scary one. Hopefully the pain will stay away, Al!

Guess, I'm done.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Thanks Peter,
    so far so good ! Urologist wants a follow up renogram to have a closer look. Will see if and when we can arrange that.
    Warm sunshine has arrived here as well ! Love it....
    All the best in 2012 ...Kelly


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