Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Somebody gives us a pair of oars?
Blurred by torrential rain: Our Lakefront property

And there it was again, one of these typical torrential rainfalls happening out here from time to time. I had taken off to Algodones for the last session with Dottore. It had started raining before I got outside again, but it was nothing compared to what I met out on I-8. Vision ahead turned to zero and everything came to a crawl.

When I turned onto our BLM-LTVA-area I could have used a boat. Seriously, there was no land in sight. A huge lake filled the entire entry to the camp.

I made my way through it and proceeded through more lakes on the 1/2 mile up through camp.
Had to back up our car to the RV-door so I could jump out and reach inside as quickly as possible.

Noticed a new follower. Welcome aboard "bsg".


  1. Can you say..."pontoons"? Oars won't be enough. Nice tree, though! Thanks for sharing, but keep all that rain to yourselves, o.k.?

  2. wow that has left me speechless..which is a rarity in our household-stay safe!!


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