Sunday, December 25, 2011

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum!
Magic Tree of my childhood. Our Tannenbaum has always been of the size that just about touched the ceiling of our living room. It was decorated elaborately with tinsel and silvery ornaments made out of glass. There was little angels and birds, and it was customary to hang all kind of sweets into the tree. We stood and marvelled at that tree. The tree was carrying 12 white candles and when we entered the room all electric lights were switched off. Only the 12 candles were lit. They threw a mesmerizing shine, reflected by the ornaments. 

Mom was playing the Grand Piano and we were all singing a Christmas Choral. 

Most years we had snow outside. We kids opened our gifts and later we were all having our Christmas Dinner.

The above video is taken from the "Mini Wonderland" in Hamburg 
Germany, the biggest model train display in the world.

I don't remember exactly the year, but one Christmas was standing out in an amazing way. Beside the Christmas Tree our parents had set up an entire model train display, with a train eagerly steaming through an unbelievably detailed landscape and with small houses illuminated from the inside. Dad and Mom had been building this over many, many weeks in all secrecy without ever letting us have the slightest idea.

The memories we have from our childhood will stay with us for the rest of our lifes. It is therefor important to give this greatest gift of a pleasant memory to every child.

Enjoy the time with your families!

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  1. Fantastisch, vor allem für den "Ferrotiker" in mir! Ich muss mal wieder dringend nach Hamburg zum Gucken!


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