Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Quiet Saturday
It all started with a nice sunshine and still cool temps. But then later the clouds increased and we got a bit of rain. However, the afternoon was dry again and I went to a local Jamboree, initiated by a few campers here in BLM-Land. They have been doing that every year and it is always nice to meet together over some popcorn and a few snacks.

For the evening we had another gathering at the Host Station for a birthday celebration. It's customary to dish out some cake there around the fire, so obviously Peter had to be there. 

There are those days where nothing really happens here and I must say I enjoy that. It gives me ample time to read, nap or do whatever else pops into my head.

Tomorrow the ladies will have their annual tea party and there is always something going on with Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  

Already the girls are sticking their heads together for the planning of the Christmas Supper. I really hope It's gonna warm up a tad.

The next party will be the New Years Costume Party. Last year it was freezing cold and by that reason this year's party is gonna start at 1pm, which seems early to me, but I can understand that people don't want to freeze. And one of the drawbacks of boondocking out here is: There is no Clubhouse available.

So we gonna wait and see what it's gonna be, right?

Stay out of the mud!

Thanks for coming by!


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