Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thousands of "Diamonds"
When walking Molly through the desert this morning I discovered thousands of Diamonds hanging in the creosote bushes. Yesterdays rain had left them hanging for me, so I went back and got the NIKON out. They were sparkling in the early and bright morning sun and looked more like Christmas ornaments. An amazing show of light it was.

Some of yesterday's "lakes" had shrunk back, but right in front of our rig we have a depression in the roadway and you'd need angler boots to walk through. (or a boat) I've been wondering why some people seem to enjoy racing their car through that water, while others go rather slow and cautious.

It was not the warmest day out here, but at least we had sunshine all day long. And it sure brought the dust out of the air.

I was back with the "dog-people" today, enquiring about the little stray, Well, it turned out that it had been picked up by animal control and was placed in the Imperial County Dogpound. I have their phone number and we will be making a couple of visits there to see whether we can bring that stray to develop some sympathies for Molly. The lady at the pound said that the stray had shown agression towards other dogs in the pound, so with that knowledge I don't have too high hopes, but we will check it out.

I used the bright sunny day to mount our new slide-out awning which had arrived yesterday. The old one was destroyed during the last storm we had on Campobello Island. 

And over the last days we had noticed that our coach batteries had shown signs of a weak charge, inspite running the generator at times.
So I dived into that battery compartment, and found that one of the clamps were a bit loose, That might have been enough for a minor malfunction. We will watch that over the coming few days and hope for improvement. If not, I'd have to check every single battery for performance.

I'm done.

Thanks for stopping by, coffee will be served later!  :-))


  1. sorry don't drink coffee..but thanks for the the way..nice pictures today!!..very nice in fact!!

  2. I drink coffee but its too far a drive for me right the pictures very nice...and don't give up on the dog...shes a stray and chances are some love and security could turn her around :)


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