Monday, December 26, 2022

The Magic Of Christmas

 "Alle Jahre wieder"..... that's how a known German Christmas song starts out and it means "Every year again".  

Yes, every year we can experience the magic of Christmas, that is if we are so inclined. And that is not necessary happening to everyone, for lots of people have lost the magic of the holidays. 

But what is the "Magic of Christmas"? What makes this 2000 year-old feast so special?

Looking back at childhood days, of course, there was the thing of Santa coming to the house with gifts. And everything around it was kinda cloaked in secrecy. For 2 weeks we had a locked up living room in the house, so Santa could do his thing in peace without getting disturbed. 

And for weeks prior to Christmas we walked in the festive decorated streets of town and pressed our noses to the glass of the toy stores. There could be a trainset making its rounds or there could be beautiful toy cars displayed. Would Santa get us something like this?

During the days mom got really busy in her kitchen producing the most delicious Christmas cookies, and I was hanging on the edge of the table watching, and inspecting the quality of the dough. Many afternoons were spent making Christmas crafts, often right there at the kitchen table. We had golden and silver paper, yes, some sheets were even metallic red and blue. We made stars and shiny balls which then were hung in the windows or from bouquets of granbar mom had in big floor vases.

It was magic for us.

And then Christmas Eve came, in Europe the day of getting presents, called "Bescherung". The living room door was opened and there it was: Glowing in the lights of real stearin lights emphasized by the hung glittery silver "lametta" strips" was the most beautiful Christmas tree. 

This very moment was the highlight of the Christmas magic. Mom seated herself at her Grand Piano and played "Alle Jahre wieder", and we all sang the carol. We also sang "O Tannenbaum" and "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen" and then "Stille Nacht".

We also knew the story of baby Jesus being born in a crib in the town of Bethlehem. It just added to this magic time.

But magical it also was (and still is) if snow would fall before Christmas so the tree branches would be doused with loads of snow. We loved to venture out into the woods to find the magic of this beauty.

Magic it also was when we did our family visits to our grandparents. Grandma used to have all kind of chocolate ornaments hanging in the Christmas tree, and we were allowed to pick one off of the tree.

And all family members had gathered at grandma's house. There was lots of food and goodies. Everybody was so happy and laughter and fun filled grandma's house. I am sure for grandma it must have been one of her most cherished days.

I still remember every face from those days and that is still part of the magic of Christmas for me. And so, yes, Christmas is still holding it's magic for me. 

Of course, 60 years have passed since those wonderful happy days of my childhood, but every year again, I can feel it coming back to me.

Naturally, spending the winter in warm California we will have to do without the snow, but outside we have starry nights, which together with the sliver of the moon is making up for the lack of snowy winter days.

Wishing everyone a Merry Magic Christmas!


  1. Wir w├╝nschen euch von Herzen ein besinnliches Fest und viel gem├╝tliche Zeit und Zufriedenheit.

  2. Great memories! We can spare lots of snow if you want to come and get it.


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