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Monday, May 31, 2021

A Party! What Else?


The Last Day of a month with good weather and our hopes up for the future. That would sum it up. May has always been my favorite month. I like the light green of the new leaves, the clear air and even the dandelions popping up everywhere.

And then of course, there is May 30. It is a day full of memories for us. Dandelions were plentiful on the day 34 years ago when we married in a 1000-year old wooden church in Norway. 

The ride from church, the 1928 Chevrolet open car, the many people passing us, waiving happily.

Now we can look at the pictures of the day, we are there together with our parents. We are now older than our parents were at the time of our wedding.

We have reason to be happy and content, and so we invite a few friends for a get-together. 

                   Norweg. "Kransekake" in the back

A neighbour brought a Norwegian "Kransekake". It was a "first" for her. We had the forms for it, she made it from almond flour and sugar. So beautiful. This traditional Norwegian cake is made in Norway at many occasions: Weddings, birthdays, the National Day, Christmas and anniversaries.

We couldn't sit outside yesterday. The day was grey with showers in the afternoon. And it still rains this morning. But the water from the skies are welcome. It has been very dry and people fear for their wells running dry.

Before the change of the weather, I started putting up the cedar shingles along the wall. It's tedious, but one can see the immediate progress.

The border issue is still much in the news. American politicians have pressed on, so far without any luck. Canada is not ready yet. We have to show more patience. 

For the sake of cross-border families and the tourism industry I hope for a border opening soon. Most likely people will need a vaccination passport to cross borders. The European Nations are already demanding it. So if you want to travel, you better tell your state governments to use common sense. I realize that common sense is a rare commodity these days. And it's not only in America that common sense is rare, but also in most of the rest of the world. 

"Thoughts and Prayers" will not resolve the problems.


  1. Happy Anniversary,Peter and Bea ! You look much the same today as you did then minus the fedora and beard. Cold and wet here as well in the land of No Sense.

    1. Thank You Rick. It sure was a nasty weekend weatherwise.


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