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Friday, September 11, 2020

So Proud To Be Canadian

 Canadian Frigate Brought Canadian Wine

Harbour Masters Erich Adolf, Juergen Biermann and Guenter Stephan in the North-German town of Eckernfoerde had never ever experienced anything quite like this:

Out there in the Bay of Eckernfoerde, Germany, a Canadian Frigate had anchored up. They had tried to call the Harbour Master office to ask for permission to take their small shuttle vessel into the harbour "to take over goods and crew". Since the office wasn't staffed at the time, they also sent an email. Of course, permission was then granted.

24 hrs. later a Canadian female officer showed up at the harbour master's office. With her she had a bottle Canadian White Wine. "Thank you for having us in your beautiful resort town. Please accept this bottle of Canadian White Wine as our thank you for your support".

Needless to say, the harbour masters were stunned. "No German has ever done this and most are not even letting us know about their arrival".

Naturally, this is a delightful story for any Canadian. Knowing that the nation has a great international reputation is indeed a good feeling.

And btw. the resort town mentioned here, is my German home town.

  • Excerpt from local newspaper

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