Thursday, March 19, 2020

Toilet Paper Madness

When governments announce a state of emergency it can be expected that many people are getting anxious for the near future and start hoarding food and supply items. With the corona virus arriving, there was public advice to have a 2-weeks supply of basic items in the house.

What could not be expected is the world-wide stockpiling of huge packages of toiletpaper. Yes, it is a world-wide phenomenon. Whether in Germany, the US, Canada, Norway, Hong Kong or any other country in the world: The toilet paper shelves were emptied at a record-breaking speed. And some places it led to the most grotesque acts. In Vancouver a guy pulled a gun out to get his supply, in Australia a woman threatened another customer with a knife and in the US a young fellow was stabbed in the back and robbed for his toilet paper. In Germany there was a fist fight developing at the till when two customers got into a toilet paper argument.

What the h...has this world come to?

On the funny side people have been eager to create toilet paper memes, many of which appear on Facebook.
Police warning: Don't leave valuable objects visible in your vehicle
So toilet paper became a precious commodity and was (and still is) flying off the shelves faster than some stores could re-stock and had to finally limit purchases to one or 2 packages pr. customer. 

What puzzles ME is why are people sooo crazy about having stockpiles of toilet paper when absolutely nobody had told them that supplies would be running out due to corona virus. 
In case of looming shortages, I would have rather put my priorities on food items. Toilet paper is not a good substitute for meat and vegetables on the dinner table.
But here is another meme I found and I think it's a cute one: 

And I heard that dogs are rejoicing as their owners now stay home while cats contemplate suicide!

Stay healthy and 6ft away from your friends and family members. And don't cough onto the Sunday cake!


  1. Our cat and the one we feed are happy as clams..The ginger cat who lives mostly outside gets more treats and I made her a nesting box in our front door area..The big doMy next door are barking lots we live by a public high school cause they see lots of kids walking up and down schools are closed until nearly may maybe until the new school year, we live in Washington hubs tried to purchase some tp at the store but they are out in about an hour early in the morning..we are thankful to have a home, each other, food and water and warm clothing..Many are struggling a lot to just live each could get worse and worse..we just meditate, pray and keep our spirits your blog and your comments!

  2. I have been through several hurricanes and the stock piling is very similar. Yet a month or so later when the "crisis" has leveled out, the hoard of TP will usually be home to rodents and roaches.

  3. Sometimes all I can do is shake my head and laugh.


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