Monday, March 23, 2020

Getting The Time To Pass

Time is at a stand-still. We have paused. Iam waking up in the morning and I hope that this turns out to be a bad dream only, a nightmare that has not come to pass.

But when the mind clears I realize it's still there. It's 7am and I have to get up. Well no, I don't HAVE to get up. I can rest another hour or two or three. It wouldn't matter, except that Dixie would have to get outside.

With an empty feeling I get down the stairs. On the way to the living room I start the coffee. Dixie is still on her bed, fast asleep as it seems. But I see one eye looking up at me.
With the fire burning, I get back into the kitchen, let Dixie get outside. 
The hot coffee wakes me up completely. It's always the same - every morning.

Turning on the WIFI I start looking up the news.
Another outrageous number of corona-dead people in Italy. Warnings that it will be even worse in the US.

Is this going to be how we gonna live? My province has declared a State of Emergency. Borders are closed everywhere. But I know the people of this island can still get across for "essential" travel. It is essential to get gas and groceries or if you work on the other side.

After our wonderful doggy walk along the sunny beach I go over to my neighbours. They are in a 14-day self-isolation as they just returned from Florida. They need a few groceries.
I find the list and the money in an outside hidden place and make my way across the border. 
I have no problems getting through customs. The people here know what's going on.
A friend from Germany has sent me a couple videos on Whatsapp. Artists are getting really creative, writing songs for the coronavirus. Hallelujah...they sing to the tune of Leonard Cohen. We have to make this common effort to fight the disease. Stay at home, don't mingle. Once it is all over it'll be alright again. Protect eachother by staying in your house.

I know there are still people who think that all this is overblown and out of proportions. I wonder what they would think, if their loved ones would die and be transported away on an army truck, the body just wrapped in a linen, cause coffins are sold out, the bodies being cremated or buried in a distant place, with no ceremony, no flowers, no grave speeches, no human decency. What would they say then?
This all happens in Italy every day. Soon it could happen in the US, in Canada or anywhere. 
Image result for army trucks dead bodies Italy
Army trucks full of corona dead bodies
Image result for army trucks dead bodies Italy
The thought makes me shudder. I have to go out, do something, anything. 


  1. I feel your pain,Peter,we're feeling the same and not sure whether to stay here in Florida or go back to Maine.

    1. Florida seems to be a hot bed for the virus. I would prefer Maine, but of course the trip up there can be scary as you have to stay overnight and eat some places.

  2. You sound as depressed as I have been feeling. I am at the perfect age,70; and sex, female to catch this virus. Dave is 80 and has COPD. If I get it and give it to Dave, his lungs will not be able to fight it off. So we have been self isolating for 2 weeks now and will stay here until we desparetly have to go out.

    In North Vancouver, one person who didn't realize that they had the virus visited a relative in a care home. So far that has resulted in 8 resident deaths in that facility and 3 staff members being infected. That's how important it is to stay home if at all possible.

    The other day when I went out to walk Bandit, I spotted two Daffodils in full bloom and a few others almost there. Spring has arrived on Vancouver Island. Life goes on. Put a brave smile back on your face, help those who need it and carry on.

    If more people followed all the suggestions the government has laid out, we might be able to slow the spread of this virus.

    Take care,

    Dave and Irene Argo

  3. Nice that you are able to help out your neighbours.
    Too many think of themselves as indestructable never thinking about others. We never thought we would see anything like this in our lifetimes. Wonder if thos idiots will ever feel the same way.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Glad you're helping neighbors. We thought about talking to our neighbors living next to us, in back and front of us to let them know we would help if need be but haven't done so. We been home since the end of February when we saw Chinese starting to fight the virus and closing borders and movement. Since I'm retired and get paid once a month, we usually bulk shop to last a month. Well the beginning of March we bought the usual stuff but in bigger sizes to last at least 2 months or more. A week or so later people started panic buying and hoarding. I even bought stuff with long shelf life such as beans, rice, flour, yeast, baking powder, canned goods. Our grocery bill was a tad higher. We call Costco our $200 store. It's about how much we spend monthly as we run out of things. We buy cheese, milk, powder drinks, coffee, canned goods, bacon, hotdogs, etc monthly along with dog treats and food and toilet paper and laundry/dish washer goods. Wow, did we do good in getting there at first of month because their shelves were empty I heard. We haven't had to go out to grocery or gas station since first of month. I was glad we shop once a month. We have a huge freezer/refrigerator and we have a spare room with a pantry. We normally don't buy bottle water because we filter tap water using Britta, but we decided to buy water in case of emergency. I told my daughter the same, and she shopped about the same time we did. She's working from home and we're hunkered down at home with the pups. My son walks the dogs at night in the park across the street from us. So far so good. Yesterday, my son went to post office to mail a package to granddaughter. She is due with first baby next month so we sent off baby stuff and diapers. She lives in Wasilla, AK. We'll probably send off another package next month to her of anything she needs for baby. I won't be able to travel to see my new great grandson but maybe this darn virus will die and go away by summer so that I can fly up to see great grandson, hold him and sing songs, and rock him to sleep. Stay safe.

  5. Rita, thanks for sharing this. We did some extra shopping but there are no shortages anywhere, well that is so far.. Costco is too far away for us, we gotta frequent local stores, both in the US and Canada. As of now we are still allowed across the border but only for essential travel. (groceries and gas)


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