Thursday, July 26, 2018

If I Would Enrich Myself

If I'd be a dictator like Trump, I would bash international trade agreements, impose tariffs on my trade partners and watch the stock values go down. Then I would use one of my many companies to buy up stocks. The next step would be relieving my trade partners of all previously imposed tariffs and watch my new stock portfolio go up and up and up. And then I would sell my stocks at a healthy profit. After a few weeks I would create the next trade disaster, watch the stocks go down, buy them again and watch them go up in value, selling them again after reaching top value. 

I am sure you get what I am saying. Mr. Trump is enriching himself without getting caught. He is (ab)using the presidency for his own financial gain.

Dear Americans, your president is a treasonous crook! And besides of being a crook, he is an impolite monster and a general embarrassment to your country. In fact, meeting Americans in my work every day I hear it from them as well. They are ashamed of their corrupt government and apologize to the Canadians they meet. 

But at the end, all dictators have suffered the same end of their tyranny. It'll just be a matter of time.

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  1. The monsters stole the presidency and the republican party allowed it along with help from Russia. I hope our legal system will stand strong along with the majority to rid this type of government forward. A system needs to be in place to not allow for one individual to have so much power with the backing of a greedy political party. Our government no longer looks at the overall picture anymore...they no longer govern for the people and it's not govern by the people. It's a sad situation our country is in.


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