Thursday, July 5, 2018

EDA (Environmental Destruction Agency) Boss Gone.

"I'm gonna drain the swamp", was one of the most loved campaign promises Trump came up with. And it surly is one of the least accomplished goals in his controversial agenda. Mr. Pruitt, the most destructive administrator of the EPA, and most certainly one of the most corrupt cabinet members, finally had to go home. His many scandals of financial misconduct made his head barely visible as he sank deeper and deeper into the Trump swamp. And besides of being corrupt, he was relentlessly at work to remove environmental regulations against pollution of rivers, streams, air and land areal. Transforming the EPA into an EDA was his goal. Yet, his policy of removing environmental protection regulations for the coal mining industry failed to bring back the thousands of jobs promised by his boss Trump. Also the rust-belt area has not yet seen any new plant start-ups. It's all smoke and mirrors in the world of Trump and only his notoriously dumb voter base is still believing the fairy tales of Mr. Trump.


  1. I'm still not over Trump reducing the size of some national parks and monuments so industry can savage these natural resources and sacred native lands.

  2. So glad the nightmare has an ending but it can't come soon enough...

  3. Terrifying Trump Fairy Tales
    By Alexandra Petri
    “Pinocchio”: Whenever Pinocchio engaged in truthful hyperbole, his nose got bigger. This was fine: just another potent reminder of how virile and great he was!

    “The Ugly Duckling”: A group of ducks correctly shunned someone who was different. Their community was better off.

    “Jack and the Beanstalk”: A horrible sneaky thief tried to steal a harp from a huge, successful giant who lived in a gorgeous castle. But who was this Jack? A total nobody. He should never have challenged the giant, who could have taught him a thing or two if he had cared to listen, and sure enough, he was falling all over himself to apologize as soon as he saw what he had done.

    “Rapunzel”: A young father was justly punished for climbing a wall to try to provide for his family.

    “Rumpelstiltskin”: A guy who possessed the business acumen to spin straw into gold just wanted to make sure you knew his name. Branding is important.
    And those dumb voters all lived happily ever after! (Or Did They?)


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