Sunday, July 1, 2018


First I want to say HAPPY CANADA DAY to all Canadians! We love you Canada, you are beautiful far and wide.

It's been quiet here for 2 weeks, because I have been shell-shocked about what has been playing out south of the border. What I once loved so much has become a pit of cruelty and fascism. Families have been torn apart and children have been caged up without knowing whether they ever will be reunited with their parents. The nation America, once known for liberty and open-minded humanity, which once liberated Europe from the rule of a cruel dictator, has now turned out the ugly side of its face to see for the whole world. Instead of love and compassion, we are seeing hate, xenophobia and hypocrites. 

Yet, this morning, on Canada day, I also see hope. The real America, as I knew it, is not dead. There are thousands and thousands of Americans, all across the country standing up and telling Trump and his executioners "You Have Gone Too Far". And there could not be a better spirit than this on Canada Day, when we as your northern neighbours, are grieving about what is happening all around in America.

It is only a few more days and America is celebrating its Independence day. This is the time for Americans to think about what their independence is built on. Think about your constitution, your values, your flag and what your country has become.


  1. Happy Canada Day Peter,Bea and Dixie ! Very well said, and we could not agree with you more.We are ashamed of what our country has become.Ashamed at the way our leader and his followers have cozied up to our enemies,and deceived our friends and allies,all with the blessings of a spineless congress and senate which I always thought was there to protect us through checks and balances from anyone wielding such supreme power.I love my country,I served my country during the Vietnam War and I am appalled at what we've become I say...MAMA ! Make America Mine Again !

  2. Happy Canada very proud to be a Canadian. Thank you for your thought provoking posts.


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