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Monday, May 7, 2018

Raccoon Update

This morning I opened the door fully anticipating to see the raccoon inside one the traps - alas the traps were empty. Looking under the porch floor a little later, I saw that the creature was still in the same place - and it was breathing. This was not right. A healthy coon would have moved around, but it was still down in the heap of leaves.

The fact that we did not catch it set off a flurry of text messages and phone calls to wildlife authorities. We were instructed not drive the animal out from it's hiding place and not to shoot it where it was, but wait until it died by itself, got into the trap or moved away entirely. 

If the animal died we were advised to take on gloves and pack the thing into a double garbage bag, put it on ice and wait for transport to the mainland. Authorities would organize a boat arriving from St. George, NB.  

We were flustered about the attention the matter had gotten, but the wildlife office wanted to know whether rabies was present in this animal. The neighbourhood is following the raccoon story closely, so I thought you would like to know as well.

Sorry, still no pictures. Waiting for the new laptop.


  1. Thanks for the update you never know when a wild animal is acting strangely.

  2. Seems sad not to put it out of its misery, but I know it's better to let nature take care of its own. As long as you can keep Dixie away and safe.

  3. Sometimes it's just a well to keep "animal management" to oneself. Once the authorities are involved? Oy.


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